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I agree with Alex; I had a lot of fun judging this VLDC, it was of very high quality.
Congrats to all the participants! #smrpg{<3}
Personally pretty disappointing result(I've expected even top 5 from fan judges and other's reactions...), but I'll accept everyone's opinion!

As always, it was great experience, congrats to every winners and thanks for every participant and judges!

It's very sad that VLDC not to be annual, but I'm highly looking forward to next contest!
Unlucky, missed my goal by one place...
But there were a lot of great levels this year, so I'm still fine with the outcome and agree with the criticism. I probably would have changed those things, if I have had a bit more time #tb{;)}
Congrats to the Top 10 and everyone else!
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hey, 21st isn't bad! way higher than i was thinking i would place anyhow :P
congrats everyone!
26th place is way higher than I was expecting.
Congratulations to everyone that participated! :D
Im happy with 58th. its the 1st time ive actually placed.
congratulations everyone.
Whoa 69th place, nice.
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