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Questions about bosses
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1) Is it possible to have more than 12 bosses in a game (7 Koopa Kids, 4 sets of Reznor, and Bowser)? If so, how?
2) Is it possible to edit the boss rooms other than Wendy and Lemmy's?
3) What will happen if I put Koopa Kid sprites in a non-boss stage? 4) Is it possible to change the number of hits it takes to defeat each boss?
5) Is it possible to make a boss room NOT trigger completion of a stage (for instance, if I want Mario to fight all 7 Koopa Kids in Bowser's castle)?
6) Can I insert bosses from other games, such as Mouser from SMB2 or Tap-Tap the Red Nose from Yoshi's Island?
7) This isn't quite the same topic, but you know the platform Mario walks on in Bowser's boss fight? Is this in the object queue so I can insert it into some other stage (such as another castle)?
1) Yes, although you need to make custom sprites.

2) You can edit the first boss by using a tool.

3) I'm not sure but it will mos likey glitch up.

4) You forget the four -.-

5) As far as i know you can't do that without hex editing.

6) Their is a custom Mouser sprite in the sprite section.

7) Like five as far as i know you can't do that without hex editing.


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1: Yes. As far as I know, you can have as many bosses as you want... but you need to be specific on where you want your bosses.
2: You can edit only Iggy and Larry.
3: Well, I tried and it didn't work.
4: Yes. Find a program in the tools section called Lametaal if you want to do it the easier way. Get Transhlexion if you want to do it the harder way.
5: Err... As far as I know, you need to hex edit with Transhlexion.
6: No Tap-Tap, but you can insert Mouser, Birdo, and some more cool sprites like the Hammer Bro with Sprite Tool in the tools section. You can find sprites in the Custom Sprites section.
7: I'm sorry, but it isn't available. For a bonus answer, you can't use Bowser's Bowling Ball either. :(

Well, I hoped that answered your questions. If you need anything else, either PM me or post here.
Thank you! I'm really glad both you guys replied, especially so soon. I appreciate the help. For question #1, do you mean I have to tell you what the exact circumstances of the boss fights are? (For instance, I am making a hack that has a fifth fortress in the Special World. If I chose stage, say, 137 for the fifth fortress, and the boss door led to stage 30, would I have to copy one of the other Reznor boss fights into slot 030, and since it is linked to 137, it would trigger the proper event? I'm not even sure I know how to copy a "Cannot Render" stage.) For the hex editor questions, do you know where I could find a good hex editor and, equally importantly, a good tutorial, since I really have no clue about the whole process? (In fact, I can't figure out how to use any of the things I've downloaded from SMW Central, such as patches. I have Windows Vista, so that might be part of the problem.) I hope I'm not coming off as annoying with all these questions, but on any website, I can never seem to find who to talk to--or how to contact them--if I just have general questions to ask...and lots of them.
You're welcome.

Well, let me try to find a tutorial. I found a few:

Tutorial 1 (English)
Tutorial 2 (Spanish)

I haven't read these, but hey, they're tutorials (Documents). If you need any help, PM me.

EDIT: In order to patch something that's IPS, you'll need:
A Fresh SMW Rom (Don't ask for it.)
Lunar IPS (In the Tools section.)
The Patch you're going to use. (Well... the patch you're going to use.)

First off, open up the Lunar IPS Program. Get to the directory where the patch is, and select it. Next, I think you patch it to your ROM (Back up your data in case.)

If you need to patch something with XKAS, I'll just say it later... I'm a bit tired.

Umm... for the Boss Fight, I don't think you can copy Reznor. For the events, you'll have to go into the Overworld Editor. Also, I believe you can't copy a Cannon Render stage, or it'll appear screwed.

Anything else?
So how do I put a fifth Reznor fight or duplicate Koopa Kid fight into my game?

I guess I can't immediately think of any more questions, although I will very likely have some in the future. Thanks again for the help.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Help - Questions about bosses

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