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Recommended ROM Hacks & Resources Thread

Do you know of any NES Mario (or SMAS) ROM hacks that people should play? Any resources not already listed in the essential tools thread? Post away in this thread! As always, be sure you've read the subforum rules first.

I would also like to use this space to recommend visiting our affiliate SMB3 Prime, which is currently the best resource for SMB3 (duh) hacking. You can join their Discord server here.

You can also find plenty of NES Mario hacks and resources at The site scope is much broader, so it will take a bit of searching to find what you need; still, it's definitely worth taking a look if you're interested in ROM hacks for these games.
Disclaimer: except for SMB3Mix and the Hack SMB3 series, all of these hacks would be rated at Kaizo: Beginner or higher if they were Super Mario World hacks


Super adef Bros. - adef


Return to Subcon-  GlitchCat7

Crazy Daydream - redfeatherz

Cleopatra Pizza Delivery - producks


Super Mario Bros. 3Mix - Southbird

Kaizo Mario Bros. 3 - Hunter W

The Final Kaizo - MitchFlowerPower

Kamikaze Bros. 3 - Barbarian

Super Barb Bros. - LuckyLewin

Mini Kaizo Bros. 3 - MitchFlowerPower

Super Calm Bros. - PACO

Super Slasher Bros. - EvilElf

Super Orb Bros. - OrangeExpo

Git Up, Git Out, Git Gud - WilsonPenn

Hack SMB3 and Hack SMB3 2 -  RussianMan

Super Riff Bros. 3 - Freakin_HA
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