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Introducing the Classic Mario Hacking Subforum! (AKA Forums Cleanup Part 1)

It's been almost 15 years since The Great Wipe (#wario{O_o}), and while this site has been improved plenty in the years since, there's definitely some areas that can get old and creaky. In this case, I'm talking about ye olde Non-SMW Hacking forums, which we have decided to give a bit of an upgrade tonight! Here's the key changes:

1. The Misc. ROM Hacking subforum now has its own rules.

Wow, we loves rules! You can read all about them here. Make sure to read up on all the forum tags so that you can tag your thread properly!

2. The Super Mario 64 forums and sections will be closing down.

I think this was a long time coming, but it's time we send off our SM64 pages to better pastures. More specifically, the SM64 subforum will be archived, while the SM64 sections will be set to read-only. Ideally, we will send those files to a dedicated SM64 hacking site that can make use of them; until then, all those resources will remain available to download. In the meantime, all future SM64 threads/discussion should go in the Misc. Hacking subforum.

However, the when the forums taketh, the forums giveth away. (I think that's how the phrase goes.) We've got something special to show off:

3. We now have a Classic Mario Hacking Section!!!

That's right, we now have a subforum dedicated to the NES Mario games (including Lost Levels!) as well as Super Mario All-Stars! With how hacking for these games has expanded in recent years, I'm looking forward to see all the new hacks people will make (and maybe even some contests :O)! Don't forget to read the rules here (more tags!!!), view the essential tools list here, and also check out the recommended hacks here.

 NopeContest,  Tahixham and I will be moderating this forum for now (alongside the rest of forum staff), so please contact us if you have any questions about the subforum. Also, if you currently have a thread in Misc. Hacking that's now relevant to this subforum, please let us know and we'll move the thread for you. Lastly, don't forget that we have a #misc-hacking over on our Discord server if you want some more immediate discussion on Classic Mario hacking.

That's about all for now! Look forward to some more forum changes in the near future, as Tahixham casts his beady eyes on the dusty cobwebs lurking within the site. (Will we see a return of Derpy's Institute? Only time will tell...)

Time to make a thread about a classic SMB hack that's mostly different to JUMP (and not Kaizō-y, if that's the case).

However, I have several questions:
  • Any chances on making a new website dedicated to Super Mario 64 hacking? I bet if people decided to migrate from SMWC to a new website once the closure of the SM64 section/forums is complete.
  • Does the Misc. ROM Hacking subforum accepts fan translations of classic video games? Take Community Pom and Harmful Park for example. These gorgeous English translations of Japan-only PlayStation games are well-established, and they're perfectly done with no flaws or inaccuracies. I highly recommend trying these ones out.
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There are already some pre-existing SM64 hacking sites, such as our affiliate The main issue is that none of these sites seem to host resources related to SM64 hacking, just the hacks themselves; ideally we can work something out to transfer our resources to one of these sites.

And yes, you are allowed to make threads regarding translation hacks in the Misc. Hacking subforum.