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SMW Central Class of 2022 📷 - SUBMISSIONS CLOSED!

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SMW Central Class of 2022 📷

It is time to put on your best clothes. Yep, you know what time it is! Time for the SMW Central Prom! Wait... Sorry? It's not time for the prom... ? My bad. Let's try again!

It is time for the SMW Central Class of 2022! For those who may be unfamiliar with this, it's sort of like our annual "yearbook" of SMW Central members. We did it once in 2014, and then brought it back in 2020 because we were all stuck at home with nothing to do, and now it's pretty much become an annual tradition! Essentially, all you do is submit a photo of yourself, and we compile it into a pretty collage with all of your other SMW Central friends.

If you want to see what we have done in previous years, see below:
- Class of 2014
- Class of 2020
- Class of 2021

Now, if you want to participate, and have your picture in the Hall of Fame, I have some simple rules you must follow.

Rule 1: You must submit a clear photo of yourself that is 200x200px (square), and either a JPEG or PNG
If your photo isn't the correct size, or is some weird filetype like an .exe or .tiff file, it will not go in the collage.
Here is a handy tool AmperSam made to resize images.

Rule 2: Your picture must be safe-for-work, and not be breaking any site rules.
Nothing rude, offensive, no ROMs uploaded in your picture, etc.

Rule 3: Like last time, there is no theme - you do you.
If you want to have your cute Pokémon plushies in the background, you can! Feel free to express yourself.

Rule 4: Don't cover your entire face.
For example, don't wear that scary vampire mask you wore for Halloween in 2010. Your face should be partially visible at minimum. We understand that the internet is generally a place for anonymity, so if you're not comfortable showing your full face, it's fine!

Rule 5: You can have your friends in the photo.
If you're fortunate enough to have IRL friends (I'm not 😭) then they can be in the picture too! But make sure they're okay with having their picture uploaded too. We do not want a lawsuit. Or if you have a pet or something, they could be in the photo with you too.

Rule 6: Do not extensively edit your photos or add a bunch of filters.
A little social media filter is fine, because sometimes filters can be cool, cute, or smart! But remember, everyone is beautiful, and you don't need filters to make you pretty.

Rule 7: Make sure it's a recent photo; and not the same one as you submitted last year.
It's called "Class of 2022", so you should submit a photo taken in 2022.

Rule 8: IMPORTANT RULE! You must be 18 years old, or more, to participate.
Things get a little iffy with minors and photos on the internet, so you must be over 18. No exceptions.

Now, there's no penalty for not participating. This is an entirely optional fun thing.

If you would like to submit a photo, please send it to me either via site PM or a Discord DM (I am Tahixham#1111 - you don't need to send me a friend request to DM me, my DMs are open). If you submit by Discord, please tell me your SMW Central username otherwise I may not know who you are.

You have one week to send me your photos; if it takes you more than a week to take a selfie then idk what to say... That's until Saturday 20th August, 9pm UTC+1.

If you have questions! Please ask! Otherwise, have fun!
god dang i looked balling in 2014. i missed the reveal last year, but will definitely submit again. i'm gonna try to look less like a corpse this time
Count me in!
I missed it last year, i won't miss it this year

Looks like I'm joining in on this since I missed the last couple years of it. Excited to do this!!! :DDD


Should be easy peasy
Maybe in 2026 when i'll be 18y/o #tb{XD}
I'd join, but, haven't exactly been active lately. SHOULD I join?
Please pardon the eye.
Sounds like fun on a bun
 ---> Magic: The Gathering Legends <---
I'll try to participate again! Would love to get a hair cut before taking any new selfies, but don't think I'll be able to before the dead line, so I might have to go with another pic rocking my not-confident-at-all hair style.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
damn didnt realize the community was attractive. in that case ill give a photo of myself...:)
umm... can i help you!?
Damn that's a short deadline. If I get a haircut by then I might join

I turned 18 recently so I’m ready. Can’t wait to see everyone’s (no doubt good-looking) faces!
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

I've said before. I'm no minor so...
Works in progress (No proper forum... yet)
that going to be [email protected]@@@
Meanwhile, I can't seem to get through.
I'm contacting someone for support help.
Please pardon the eye.
I am aware the deadline has passed for submissions. If you still want to enter, feel free to send the picture still, but there's no guarantee it will get in depending on how far we are with the collage. Quicker you get it in, the better-er
Can't wait to see what the final collage looks like.
Works in progress (No proper forum... yet)
I'm curious, but also hoping I'm in it.
Please pardon the eye.


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