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loading a 8mb in LM snes9x 8mb version

i can,t load it at all? any help??????
It's not exactly clear what you've done. Is this for a hack you're doing yourself? If you expanded to ExLoROM, make sure you didn't use another tool like Asar on the ROM before expanding.

But I'm guessing it's more likely that you used the new Lunar Expand to expand an SA-1 game to 8MB and you're trying to use it in the older 8MB Snes9x build I did up years ago that's probably still on smwc.

Quick Solution: Download the updated 8MB Snes9x R2 build on my site that I released at the same time as the new Lunar Expand (or any official Snes9x 1.54+ build).

Better Solution: Don't use Lunar Expand for that in the first place when you have Lunar Magic. Lunar Expand is a generic ROM expander. That's fine for up to 4MB ROMs, but like Lunar Expand's readme.txt file says, if you have a game specific tool like Lunar Magic for SA-1 you should be using that for expanding instead. That's because Lunar Expand generally won't do game specific things or extra niceties (like locking out inaccessible areas for ExLoROM/ExHiROM, locking out inaccessible SA-1 banks for official builds of ZSNES, adding a second internal header for SA-1 games for the older build of Snes9x I did, or changing/updating the values for the MMC registers for SA-1/SDD-1 games which requires patching game specific code).

Though with that said, technically Lunar Expand does update the MMC registers in Vitor's SA-1 SMW patch much like LM does... but only because I knew someone would inevitably try using it for that without bothering to read Lunar Expand's instructions. #ab{:P}
oh i see so now i loaded SNES9x8mb and it do not work i gusse new rom and do not put 8mb when i get the sa1 pack