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SMW Central Class of 2022 📷 - "results"


Thank you for your patience. The judges have been very busy. Thank you to  System,  Mr. Switchy and  FlamingoQ9 for all their hard work.

It's time for the results of Class of 2022!! Here is how we rank you from "Most Beautiful" to "Most Beautiful"...

Amazing! I simply don't understand how this contest ties every year.

That's it. Bye.


Oh... Wait! I guess you want this collage, huh?
(click for full size huge large image)

don't you all look pretty?
I won! I really wasn’t expecting this. Thank you to all the judges, and good job to my fellow winners!
I would've participated in this one, but I had conjunctivitis in my right eye when it started, and I was planning so send a photo in the final day, but I had some internet problems.


Wow, amazing. That was quick too. Everyone here looks awesome, definitely deserving of 1st place.
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Can't believe I won again! My perfect streak remains unbroken!

Congrats to all the other winners as well! You do be lookin' good! 😳👉👈
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Congrats to everyone who participated. Y'all are looking very bootiful.
Works in progress (No proper forum... yet)
I'll be lookin forward to my free game on Steam :)
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Everyone looks so good!
Please pardon the eye.
Yayyyyy I love this this is so cute!

Congratulations to all the winners! Also yay I won :3

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Forgot to submit my picture :( SHIT

Congrats, everyone! Y'all look really cute
Thanks for including me in the class#smw{:peace:}
I was tempted to submit a new picture this year, but I'm afraid I lost interest this time around (the one year anniversary of my childhood friend's death was heavily on my mind). I simply had a bit too much on my plate for this year's class picture.
It's beautiful ❤️ tanks
look at me
ah gee, it's your eyes #smw{;)}
wanted to do something funny for this year's Class Album
I found hilarious some were like: "I need a haircut for this"
I while i went like: "Screw this, i hope it bring up some laughs XD"
also, good job everyone who participated this year, see you all in the next one, hopefully #smw{:TUP:}
I accept this award on behalf of myself...

But seriously though that was a fun little thing. I feel even more part of a community of peeps.
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Originally posted by Qwoll
Yayyyyy I love this this is so cute!

Congratulations to all the winners! Also yay I won :3


Probably my fualt sending last minute entry #smw{:peace:}