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About posting content that isn't yours. (UPDATED 1/27)

It seems like every other week, someone submits Super Kitiku World, Kaizo, or another hack that was made by someone else. There is a problem with this - it's extremely disrespectful to take someone's work off of wherever and submit it here without their permission, especially if that person does not want his/her hack hosted anywhere else besides where he/she posted it.

Here is a screenshot of one of the sites that people have been taking content from without permission, in plain English, so there is no excuse:

So if you are taking material from that site and are thinking about uploading it here, DON'T SUBMIT IT HERE.

If someone says they don't want their work redistributed, you MUST respect that!</font size>

The fact that we have an old Brutal Mario doesn't make it okay to submit a newer version - the fact that we have an old version is not an excuse by any means. If you don't have permission, or if you are not carol, you don't submit it.

The fact that it happens elsewhere around the internet doesn't excuse submitting content that isn't yours, either, so don't use that example to justify it. We're SMWC, not "the rest of the internet."

This doesn't just go for hacks, either. For any content that is not yours - ASM, tools, sprites, documents, blocks, hacks, music, and graphics all included - from now on, you will -need- to send a copy of a letter from the author of the item you want to submit to me or whoever moderates the section in which the content would go, saying that you are allowed to do so. If you don't, the content will be deleted immediately. If you repeatedly submit content that is not yours without permission, further action may be taken.

If you are reading this message and someone submitted your work here that you would like deleted from SMWC, PM me or another moderator of the section your content is in. (To use the PM system, you must be a registered user. Any information will be kept confidential.) We will also make sure that said content is not accepted onto the site in the future unless you wish to submit it yourself.

Now then, it is okay if you are helping with restoration of the hacks section - most of the authors of those hacks no longer visit SMWC, but they wanted their hacks here, and we will be accepting those hacks back, but only the original IPSes (to ensure that the hack wasn't modified) and any items (readmes, bonuses, other patchers) included with it - preferably in the original ZIPs, but this is the only time you are allowed to submit content that isn't yours from hereon out without permission.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
As shown in the image, it's in plain English. So there's NO excuses anymore.

EDIT: SNN rocks
@Kyo: >__>
i know that someone submitted "Winrar" here:
D: <__>
(sorry for the huge emo, but who submitted winrar has made too big!!!!)

EDIT: the Vip series was submitted by request?

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This goes for custom graphics(like the ones made by black squirrel) too, right?
I think someone may have to go clean up the music section then.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Originally posted by Demonic Armageddon Ghoul X
I think someone may have to go clean up the music section then.

There are only a few songs there which have been submitted. As far as I know, the people of 2ch or PukiWiki or whatever had no problem with the music being submitted here. If anyone can get in contact with someone from there though, that would be great if we could confirm this.
Originally posted by Sind
This goes for custom graphics(like the ones made by black squirrel) too, right?

WHAAAT!? Those spritesheets he makes are specifically MEANT to be used for mario fan games, or in our case, hacks. Just have to give credit T_T
<-- this is the dope on dope
I too would like some confirmation when it comes to music. There's a folder with a few excellent ports (including U.N. Owen Was Her?, Pokey Means Business, DKC Gangplank Galleon, Galaxy Monkey from Ape Escape, etc) I downloaded from a Japanese site, and would be interested in uploading them here if it's all right with the original authors.
ok one question so if you get permission from the author of the hack do you put the letter or note in the description?
Yes, you can post a letter in the hack description from the author, saying that you were allowed to submit it. You could also PM it to one of the staff members. However, it must be REAL - you can NOT fabricate this letter.

Also, regarding the graphics made by Black Squirrel, those are fine to submit here as long as proper credit is given to him - he made those available for other people to use in fangames freely, so there's nothing wrong with it.

About the VIP and Wall Mix series... I read a post in the Featured Hacks sticky in SMW Hack Discussion that said that VIPPER came here long ago and uploaded them himself, so we are assuming that it's okay to have them on the site. But, it would be nice if one of the people who work on these hacks would notify me or another staff member to tell us how they feel now about the hacks being hosted here since I do not know for certain if they want them here as of now - their opinion on this matter may have changed since then.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Is anyone else thinking how even Super Mario World essentially came from an entirely different source?


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Bumpity. Guys, linking to hacks in a thread that don't belong to you without permission still counts as posting content that isn't yours! It's disrespectful and you're just alienating the people who work hard on them. Think before you do this. How would you like it if someone intruded on your webspace, posted your hack here, and everyone was free to play it, bash you, steal your content, when you just intended it for a couple of trusted people to beta test? It's immoral. Don't do it, please.

This is a first and final warning regarding uploading/posting links to content that does not belong to you - should you not heed it, you shall suffer the consequences.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I hope you didn't mean me,because I've asked nanzei for Permission to post a thread for his hack.
(I hope (again) it is that what you meant)

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Oh, that's fine. I meant, for example, the people who were doing things like linking the cheep demo all over the place (hence the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of the Brutal Mario thread in SMW Hack Discussion) who needed to stop, because it's a known fact that Carol does not want that demo redistributed.

What you were doing with the thread you linked is fine since you had permission to post it, and it's a two-person effort type hack, one of which you are doing a lot of work in, so you are entitled to have a thread about that.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!