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What would it take to completely rewrite a Mario<->block collision routine from scratch?

How could I go about writing my own routine for Mario<->block collision from scratch, defining my own block collision points on Mario and not using the original game's Mario<->block collision routine and such? What would that routine need to do?

The reason I ask is because my hack will have much bigger players than the 16x32 size that Mario is which means I will need more block collision points and I would need to define precisely where they are on the player. I don't think the original game's Mario<->block collision routine is enough for what I want considering the glitches my testers found and I think I'll need my own custom Mario<->block collision routine.

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Not much. I have an implementation in the CustomPlayerPatch for reference. The biggest issue is you'll want to recode vanilla blocks probably. Other than that it's pretty straightforward. (You might be able to keep vanilla blocks with a little effort. I didn't really try)

*(Sorry I never gave the 32x32 collision a go btw. I realized you'd probably need a third collision pt and that would necessitate the thing you're talking about now. Which seemed like a major hassle custom collision, GPS, etc wise for you to deal with)