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System's Harvest Festival Slots - Discord Event

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Watcha lookin' at? My name's System. You should know me as the little user who runs about sending you a PM when your hack is rejected. Yeah, it did get rejected because it sucked.

It's been a while since I've been around these parts. At the start of the year, I got caught up in a gambling scandal, for which my client,  Mr. Switchy, was rightfully found innocent. Now we know that gambling is allowed on SMW Central, I felt now was the right time to make my return.

In my absence, I've been busy. Tried a few new hobbies, like model trains, model cars, modelling for fashion brands, but finally, I found my niche! I've a new found passion for growin' rootin' tootin' vegetables. Yep, turnips, radishes, carrots, the lot. If it's got a root, I love it.

Now, I shook my brain for ways I could share my love of rootin' tootin' veg with my SMW Central friends, and finally - I hit the jackpot! "Why not combine my love of veg and my love of gambling?" I thought! So, here we are!

I hereby present...

System's Harvest Festival Slots!

That's right. A total brand new, original, Discord slots game for you to play with my beloved vegetables.




Right. Let's explain how this works. I'm giving you all 100 coins. Well, anyone who is on the Discord server anyway. That's right, Discord. I'm modern now. On Discord, you have two channels under the EVENTS category.

#harvest - this is the channel of the game. You bet your coins, I roll the slots. If the slots match, you win. If they don't match. I win and I keep your bet.
#harvest-chat - this is where you can chat about how awesome my game is. Sometimes, I might have an announcement so I'll pop by too. Try to keep all chat here that relates to my game. You can also use /commands for my game too (see Commands).

As this is Discord only because it's a fast-paced game, I am legally bound (or, at least bebn-bound) to say you must be 13+ to join our Discord server. If you're not 13+... Get out.

How to Play

To start playing my awesome game, all you have to do is place a bet in #harvest via one of the buttons or by using /bet You can decide how much you want to bet with the command /bet, or press one of the buttons to bet a pre-defined amount. Nice 'n' easy. You start off with 100 coins, so make sure your first bet is less than or equal to that.

You get 2 minutes to bet between each game. However, watch out for Frenzy Mode as this speeds things up drastically. I'll tell you more on that when that happens.

Slot Result Multipliers

If the results from the slots is equal to any of the below, you win some coins based on the multiplier.

Onion - 3x multiplier (yuck)
Radish - 4x multiplier (not a turnip)
Bell Pepper - 5x multiplier (ding dong)
Beet - 7x multiplier (bears eat beets)
Tomato - 3x multiplier (grown in the ground cos vegetable)

1 Cherry - 2x multiplier (still a vegetable)
2 Cherry - 5x multiplier (a vegetable)
3 Cherry - 8x multiplier (vegetable)

= any other result

And uh... I grew these turnips, but they look odd. And what I don't understand, is that I put these in the slots but when they appear you lose your bet and then some more! Feel like I've been sabotaged here. Ugh. Anyway, watch out for three of these.


My game also has a few awesome commands you can use.

/bet - use in #harvest to bet a custom amount of coins
/leaderboard - displays the current leaderboard and your ranking
/balance - displays your current coin balance
/legend - reminds you of the multipliers above if you're stupid and forgot

If you use the last three commands in #harvest, only you will see the response. If you use them in #harvest-chat everyone will see the response! So that means everyone will point and laugh at you because you have no coins!

Other Notes

Now, if you run out of coins... Well. How about you try that and see what happens.

I also have one rule... Don't send messages in #harvest, only use the commands. I can't stop you, but if you do send a normal message there I'll delete it and get really angry at you.

The game will run for... Hmm. I think four days, from now. So, 96 hours-ish. Who knows. Time is just a human construct.

I'd wish you good luck, but I'm mean so... Get on with it and play.
So, is this slot game actually official i.e. legal gambling? Just asking, considering the drama what happen last time.
Right. That's it. That was fun, wasn't it? Glad you agree. Sure, I had a bit of downtime (I need to rest); sure, we reached some mad numbers; sure, we threw in some extra veg. I grew more than I could handle. If you didn't like the extra veg, or the wild numbers, then perhaps silly fun games aren't for you. So... Mehdfggfdhhj is what I say to you!!




Here they are.

1st:  Noivern - what a surprise
2nd:  bebn legg - dummy
3rd:  LouisDoucet - well done loise
4th: RanAS
5th:  yogui
6th:  NopeContest
7th: Soonstar
8th: FrozenQuills
9th: Selicre
10th: TenBlade
11th: Burning Loaf
12th:  Segment1Zone2
13th: simon.caio
14th:  MarioFanGamer
15th:  DeppySlide
16th:  JupiHornet
17th:  patcdr
18th: milgrips
19th:  Teyla
20th:  Anorakun

Everyone who made the top 20 gets a trophy:

Yeah, that's right. You get a 64x64 PNG. What a prize. Back in the olden days they used to be rare. Now we just hand them out like candy. You even get a trophy these days for showing up. Like, what the hell you don't even have to try. Ridiculous.

Beyond this point, no-one matters:

The users that don't matter also get a trophy. See, what did I tell you? We hand them out like nothin'.

Soon you'll get a trophy for registering; for your first post; for your first piss as a member of SMW Central... Unbelievable.

We also had a bunch of people who decided it was a good idea to finish bankrupt. Whether that was there own doing, or an issue in my game (100% not me) - here they are:

 Alex; Apple Boy;  Valentine;  LMNtals; PermaBan;  Hazel; Runic_Rain; OrangeBronzeDaisy;  Deeke

Now, you may have got caught in a last minute bug here and never become unbankrupt. But did you report it to someone? Nah, what you probably did was throw it out into the void somewhere in a Discord channel to moan but not actually want to do anything useful or productive about it. Congrats, Karen.

You guys get the same onion trophy like the others got. Except it highlights you finished bankrupt.

Now, I've got some special prizes.

Soonstar, you get this bonus trophy for playing the most games. You played 1248 games out of 2646 (give or take the few that never actually finished). Stupid nerd. All those games and you didn't even win.

Nimono, you need to get more control over your finances as you went bankrupt the most times - 34 times. Here's your forever-reminder that you can't handle your coin currency.

 bebn legg, you lost the most amount of coins overall. Sure, you came second, but you still lost the most coins. This shows, that despite hard times and big losses, you persevere. For that, I respect you.

And that is all.

Credits roll.

I would like to thank nobody.

OK, maybe I'll thank bebn legg for drawing some vegetables, and idol for the idea of the game, and Deeke for drawing the trophies, and Eevee for drawing my avatar.

Oh yes gimme that sweet onion trophy.

I want to applause the split system that took me up thanks to some crazy amounts and I wasn't even expecting it.

It was stressful to stay logged and wait 2 minutes for the next game, so I too congratulate Soonstar for keeping up with that much games.

Cheers everyone, I had lotsa fun.

I was THIS close to top 20 lmao.
great numberbs everyone

this event does not represent my current financial situation, because
I am going to donate my winnings to The Society For Children With No Bones.

It was fun playing the slots a bit, though I owe my position to a lucky split where Noivern decided to bet. The rest was just trying to get A Funny Number.

The trophies all look wonderful too.

Originally posted by System
Soon you'll get a trophy for registering; for your first post; for your first piss as a member of SMW Central... Unbelievable.

i still haven't gotten my secret "piss as staff" trophy >:(
Well you know...Ogres are like onions. And you know what? I have layers too.

Good game ggs
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

system rigged this game #smrpg{sick}
A taste of what could've been

I have 51st place, nice competition and I also want him to be next year

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
I was quite busy so I did not participate, but I'm sure it was fun to gamble and get bankrupt again with zero efforts.

When will System net a trophy for being System???
Man, this event was absolutely crazy and incredibly fun! All you people who weren't there really don't know what you missed out on.

To give you just a little glimpse of how insane it was, let me first show you the final leaderboard of last year's event:

And now for comparison, here is this year's final leaderboard:

Quite a difference, don't you think? Last year's winning spot wouldn't even have made the leaderboard this year.

I'll try to quickly recap some of the event's highlights and developments for you. It's worth noting that I wasn't there from minute 1 and might have missed some developments in the early game, but I don't think this really matters much. From what I know, the only notable thing on the first day was the introduction of Lettuce, resulting in a 15x coin payout.

Since Frenzy Mode doubles all outcomes, this would have been a 30x payout during Frenzies. At this stage in the game, the only real threat to anyone would have been a triple Chester.

Three Chesters would mean a -1.5x outcome (meaning players would lose 50% more coins than they had bet), or even a -2x outcome during Frenzies. This could have potentially been quite dangerous.

Now one thing you need to know is that this game was implemented using some of Discord's newer bot features. Where last year's event required all players to type in bot commands to play, this one featured buttons that could just be pressed for convenience to place bets. There were some pre-defined buttons for common early game bets like 5 coins, 10 coins, 25 coins and so on. However, there were also buttons betting a certain percentage of player's coins, like 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and all-in.

These percentage buttons sound like they would have been incredibly risky to use, and on first glance, that's absolutely true... but it's not too difficult to figure out that there's actually an exception, and player's soon realized this. So as it turned out, using the "bet 1/4 of coins" button, it was impossible to go bankrupt. Even if you bet 1/4 of your coins and got a triple Chester during a Frenzy, you'd still "only" lose half your coins and could keep playing. That might sound like a lot, but Frenzies, especially in the early game, still had incredibly high win chances. Even a single win would often be enough to outweigh a couple losses, and with Frenzies usually resulting in multiple wins, and 1/4 of your coins being a really high bet, the payout would be enormous.

I think this fact alone might not yet have led to the outcome you're seeing above. After all, betting 1/4 of your coins would have already been possible in last year's game. However, I do think that new convenience button from the bot really made all the difference. It allowed all players to very easily bet 1/4 of their coins without knowing any math, and once it became common knowledge that 1/4 was a safe bet to place, all people kept spamming it, including myself. This is how Noivern and bebn legg eventually went so hard through the roof that their coin counts started using scientific notation.

At this point, the bot revealed some of its weaknesses. First of all, it turned out that Discord bots seemingly use doubles (64-bit floating points) to validate numbers. Due to how these work, this effectively gave the bot a 53-bit size limit on manual bets that could be placed. Additionally, it turned out that this bot in particular had a bug in regards to the percentage bet buttons, seemingly parsing the amount of coins a player owned from a text string. Since Noivern's and bebn's coin counts had switched to scientific notation and now contained a decimal point, yet the parsing function expected integers, it effectively parsed their coin counts as 6 and 1 respectively. So if Noivern ever used the 1/4 button after that point, the bot would effectively make him bet only one fourth out of 6 coins - which rounded down to just 1 coin.

What all of this effectively meant was this: Noivern and bebn legg had become untouchable gods. From this point onward, even if they had wanted to, they were completely unable to bet enough coins to ever get their reserves even remotely into trouble again.

At this point in time, while it was basically impossible for Noivern and bebn to lose ranks again, it was still very much possible for other players to gain ranks and overtake them, and many players were going for it. The first real "fuck you" to all players came a day or two after this point, when System introduced the Daikon to the game.

I swear, this little motherfucker was invented only to put the world on fire. Daikon's effect was to randomly multiply a game's payout by a value between (I think) -2x and 2x. However, from what I understand, during Frenzies, its multipler consistently would always be a -4x. You've probably already figured this out, but if a player bet 1/4 of their coins and got a -4x multiplier, they would lose all of their coins - and since System decided to silently introduce the Daikon to the game and its first occurence was during a Frenzy, that's exactly what happened. A bunch of high-ranking players immediately went bankrupt. I think one or two might have even gone so mad at this point, they stopped playing for good. Of course Noivern and bebn were still untouchable, since they were physically unable to bet one fourth of their coins. I was extremely lucky and just randomly happened to miss this Frenzy, so I stayed on the board and, in fact, climbed up by quite a few ranks. With some more luck following that, I even managed to climb all the way up to 3rd rank at some point.

Needless to say, the "bet 1/4" strategy so many people had relied on up to this point was dead, and it was back to doing more conservative plays and placing manual bets. The game could have just gone on like this for the remainder of the time and would have probably only seen minimal movement on the leaderboard. However, System decided to, one final time, sow chaos amongst players by introducing the Split Turnip.

The effect of getting three Split Turnips in a round was this: The bets of all players that round would be added up and then split equally among them. So if during a round, one player would bet 10 coins and another 1000, the Split Turnip would pay out 505 coins to both of them.

It's no overstatement to say that this new vegetable completely changed the whole meta of the game. More precisely, Noivern, who until that point had been unable to participate in it in any meaningful capacity, suddenly saw an opportunity to throw it into complete anarchy: Whenever he was available, he would always bet the maximum amount of coins he could. To him, those were just peanuts, and as I mentioned before, it was impossible for him to go bankrupt. However, to all other players, these were an immense amount of coins, and whenever a triple Split Turnip occured, all of those coins would be equally split between them. Within just a couple of games, the leaderboard had been completely equalized, with only tiny gaps between all players.

The general play by this point was to keep betting 5 coins during normal games, hoping for Split payouts from higher-bidding players (mainly donations from Noivern), and to then place higher bets during Frenzies, hoping for high payouts giving just a slight edge over the other players. This new meta also threatened my own rank for the first time in days. Up until that point, I had actually very consistently stuck to the top 10 on the leaderboard, being a very safe player, only making high bets during Frenzies, and only ever betting like 5% or less of my coins. I think I even stuck to 3rd place for a really long time, only dropping to like 11th while asleep, but climbing back up again to around 6th or 7th over the course of the next day. However, the new meta alone was enough to throw me all the way down to 18th place within just a few hours of inactivity - and that's when I made a terrible, terrible mistake.

You see, once I had hit 18th place, there were only around eight to ten more hours to go in the game, but it was already past midnight in my timezone and I had work the next day, so I needed to go to bed. The game was very active at this time and I was convinced that by the time I'd wake up, the game would already be over and I'd be off the leaderboard. So I did a complete fool's play and decided to for one last Frenzy keep placing 1/4 bets. If I actually won something this way, cool, I might have a chance at staying on the laderboard. If I lost instead, no big deal. I would have flown off the leaderboard overnight, anyways. I even managed a single win, briefly climbing up two ranks, but this wasn't enough for me to feel secure, so I kept going, and of course by only the Frenzy's third game, I got Daikon'd into bankruptcy.

It wasn't until the next day that I realized how stupid I had been. Not only did that night apparently run very badly for the other players, meaning I might have been able to barely stick to the leaderboard, but I also realized that I had miscalculated. I still had about one and a half hour of the game to go after getting up. So yeah, I bascially threw my position on the leaderboard away for absolutely nothing. I spent the remaining time still playing, trying to recover from bankruptcy, hoping for Split Turnips and desperately trying to get back onto the leaderboard. While I did manage to make back quite some coin (and while I do like my final, very flat coin count), it wasn't enough to get anywhere near the leaderboard again, so I ended up finishing on like 32nd or 33rd place.

So yeah, there you have a rough summary of the events as experienced from my perspective. It was absolutely crazy, and I loved absolutely every second of it! Except of course when I lost all of my coins and went bankrupt. Would have very much preferred for that not to happen! 🙂

I hope we can play again in a year or so from now.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Fun fact, the extra vegetables happened on a whim from Tahix and I essentially bantering with each other.

This, plus some back-and-forth bantering about what exactly the vegetable should be, is how lettuce came to be.

An alternative sprite I drew for this additional vegetable was the daikon. Once we settled on lettuce, I originally suggested that daikon could just have a rare chance of appearing exclusively in non-matching rolls, to get people wondering about if there are any other new vegetables. Other propositions for the daikon, in varying degrees of seriousness, were ×20 and ×100. Eventually, we settled on making its roll be within a range. I suggested something with a positive skew (×-5 to ×10), but Tahix insisted there were too many coins in play already, so we went with an even ×-5 to ×5. However, the daikon left a nasty first impression with its ×-4 result, so its range was reduced to ×-2 to ×2. I believe it behaves like any other vegetable and has its multiplier doubled during frenzy mode (and so not a hard ×-4).

Finally, the split vegetable was just an idea I mentioned to Tahix before bed, while he was asleep. When I woke up, I saw that he'd already implemented it.

I definitely had fun drawing vegetable sprites.

I deny having anything to do with this game. Everything above is faked. This was systems own doing.
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