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Super Famicompo 4 [VOTING]



Welcome to the 4th iteration of Super Famicompo! Super Famicompo is an open competition for SNES music of all kinds. As usual, the competition is split into two categories, and you can submit as many entries as you want to each category.


This category is for anything in the realm of covers. Covers of game music, non-game music, whatever you want, as long as it is a cover of something.

This category is for original songs of any kind. Anything goes as long as it's original work.

  • All content must be made for this competition. You're free to finish up an unreleased old song or whatever, but if material has been previously released in any form, it may not be submitted. It follows, of course, that you may not upload somebody else's work (excluding collabs - see below).
  • Your submissions must be kept anonymous and must not be revealed until results are posted. You should avoid putting identifying information in SPC tags, but I will strip tags before voting begins anyway.
  • You may collaborate with up to two others on any given submission. If you choose to do so, tell me as such when you submit.
  • You may use any tool that generates SPC/SFC output, as long as it is not a tool that converts directly from source to MML (in the case of covers). This means no SPC2MML, nintspc, etc. Examples of tools that are allowed are AddmusicK, AddmusicFR, C700, SNESGSS, IT2AMK, PetiteMM, SNESMOD, XMSNES, and so on.
  • For the cover category, please refrain from submitting 1-to-1 ports of existing SNES songs. While it may be technically impressive if you transcribe a complex Tim Follin song to MML, the SPC output is all that matters here, and a 1-to-1 port is not distinguishable as a "cover". You are of course still allowed to cover SNES songs in your own way.
  • Joke and/or low-effort entries are allowed, but please be reasonable. Any entry that contains slurs or is otherwise offensive or breaks site rules in any way will result in total disqualification and an immediate site ban.


All entries should be sent to me directly via PM on SMWCentral (this account), or by DM on Discord (sincx#9611), or by email to superfamicompo (at) gmail (dot) com. All you should submit is either an SPC file or SFC file (either an audio file or a ROM file). If you choose to submit SFC, there is a size limit of 2MB, and it MUST be your own content, that is, it must not contain any copyrighted material - no Super Mario World ROMs or anything like that. You must also tell me which category you are submitting to, and if it's a cover, you must include the name of the original song and game/source media (if applicable). You can submit as many times as you want and whenever you want for as long as the submission period is open. There is no cap whatsoever on the number of entries.


There will be SMWCentral trophies available to the top 3 in each category, as well as participation trophies to the rest, for those who have an account at the time of results. If you don't have an account at the time of results, you will not receive a trophy. Note that if your account is brown-banned on SMWCentral, you will not be eligible for SMWCentral-related prizes (but you can still enter).

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 25th Sunday, November 6th at 23:59:59 UTC. Feel free to discuss things in this thread, or join the Discord server at Have fun!

Very excited to hear all the new remixes and tunes people crank out, and looking forward to the stuff I have planned. For now, though, it's composin' time...
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And the port can still be made unsampled right?

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs

Really looking forward to hearing all the entries! People seemed to have given their all this time around, so I'm anxious to hear what the results of their efforts are.
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As usual, voting will be done through a Google Form. All the necessary info should be there, but I'll copy it here too:

For each entry, please give a score from 0 to 100, and you can optionally write comments and/or provide a guess for who you think made each cover/song. You can leave fields blank, and may edit your votes at any time before the voting period ends. Keep comments friendly and please avoid the use of slurs or otherwise offensive speech (there will be ZERO tolerance for this).

The format is slightly different this year, to make processing easier on my head; each entry now has three distinct fields for Score, Comments, and Author Guess, respectively.

You do not have to fill out every field for every entry. You may leave comments on your own entry, but any score will be ignored.

Each category is grouped into pages of 15 songs, to avoid having one giant page to scroll through. You can move back and forth between pages at will.

NOTE: You must submit the form to save your votes. You can come back at anytime to edit them, as long as you are using the same Google account.

The voting form is HERE, and the entries are HERE (mirror).

Comments have been removed from all entries, barring those which contain further information about the song itself. Any other tags which may have contained identifying information have also been removed. Originals have had all tags except title wiped.

  1. The following entries are in ROM format and must be opened in an emulator; for the sake of complying with SMWCentral's policies the file extensions have been removed, but they can still be opened in your emulator of choice:

    • Orig18: Leerytune
    • Orig22: the moon is made of water

  2. The following entries may have tags that have been corrupted or are in an unsupported encoding, so their titles are listed here:

    • Orig28: Machinations Météopolitaines

  3. Orig06 is a zip file containing 7 SPCs; these should be treated as and voted on as a single entry. I also strongly recommend extracting all the files before touching this, at least if on Windows, as Windows Defender seems to falsely flag it as a virus if you try to open the nested zip file.

There will also be exclusive trophies for any user that votes on every single entry, as well as a distinct one for any user who leaves comments [within reason; joke comments/shitposts/etc will not count] on every single entry! You need a SMW Central account by the time of results to qualify for a trophy. Note that your own entries are excluded from this, for obvious reasons.

The voting deadline is Sunday, December 18th, 23:59 UTC. It may seem like a long time, but don't let it creep up on you!

With that all out of the way - have fun listening to all the entries, best of luck to all the entrants, and let the voting begin!