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Super Famicompo 4 [RESULTS]

MusicSuper FamicompoResults


Welcome to the 4th iteration of Super Famicompo! Super Famicompo is an open competition for SNES music of all kinds. As usual, the competition is split into two categories, and you can submit as many entries as you want to each category.


This category is for anything in the realm of covers. Covers of game music, non-game music, whatever you want, as long as it is a cover of something.

This category is for original songs of any kind. Anything goes as long as it's original work.

  • All content must be made for this competition. You're free to finish up an unreleased old song or whatever, but if material has been previously released in any form, it may not be submitted. It follows, of course, that you may not upload somebody else's work (excluding collabs - see below).
  • Your submissions must be kept anonymous and must not be revealed until results are posted. You should avoid putting identifying information in SPC tags, but I will strip tags before voting begins anyway.
  • You may collaborate with up to two others on any given submission. If you choose to do so, tell me as such when you submit.
  • You may use any tool that generates SPC/SFC output, as long as it is not a tool that converts directly from source to MML (in the case of covers). This means no SPC2MML, nintspc, etc. Examples of tools that are allowed are AddmusicK, AddmusicFR, C700, SNESGSS, IT2AMK, PetiteMM, SNESMOD, XMSNES, and so on.
  • For the cover category, please refrain from submitting 1-to-1 ports of existing SNES songs. While it may be technically impressive if you transcribe a complex Tim Follin song to MML, the SPC output is all that matters here, and a 1-to-1 port is not distinguishable as a "cover". You are of course still allowed to cover SNES songs in your own way.
  • Joke and/or low-effort entries are allowed, but please be reasonable. Any entry that contains slurs or is otherwise offensive or breaks site rules in any way will result in total disqualification and an immediate site ban.


All entries should be sent to me directly via PM on SMWCentral (this account), or by DM on Discord (sincx#9611), or by email to superfamicompo (at) gmail (dot) com. All you should submit is either an SPC file or SFC file (either an audio file or a ROM file). If you choose to submit SFC, there is a size limit of 2MB, and it MUST be your own content, that is, it must not contain any copyrighted material - no Super Mario World ROMs or anything like that. You must also tell me which category you are submitting to, and if it's a cover, you must include the name of the original song and game/source media (if applicable). You can submit as many times as you want and whenever you want for as long as the submission period is open. There is no cap whatsoever on the number of entries.


There will be SMWCentral trophies available to the top 3 in each category, as well as participation trophies to the rest, for those who have an account at the time of results. If you don't have an account at the time of results, you will not receive a trophy. Note that if your account is brown-banned on SMWCentral, you will not be eligible for SMWCentral-related prizes (but you can still enter).

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 25th Sunday, November 6th at 23:59:59 UTC. Feel free to discuss things in this thread, or join the Discord server at Have fun!

Very excited to hear all the new remixes and tunes people crank out, and looking forward to the stuff I have planned. For now, though, it's composin' time...
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And the port can still be made unsampled right?

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Originally posted by Zavok
And the port can still be made unsampled right?

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album
The deadline for Super Famicompo 4 has been extended to Sunday, November 6th.
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album
The deadline has passed. Voting will begin within a week or so!
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album

Really looking forward to hearing all the entries! People seemed to have given their all this time around, so I'm anxious to hear what the results of their efforts are.
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As usual, voting will be done through a Google Form. All the necessary info should be there, but I'll copy it here too:

For each entry, please give a score from 0 to 100, and you can optionally write comments and/or provide a guess for who you think made each cover/song. You can leave fields blank, and may edit your votes at any time before the voting period ends. Keep comments friendly and please avoid the use of slurs or otherwise offensive speech (there will be ZERO tolerance for this).

The format is slightly different this year, to make processing easier on my head; each entry now has three distinct fields for Score, Comments, and Author Guess, respectively.

You do not have to fill out every field for every entry. You may leave comments on your own entry, but any score will be ignored.

Each category is grouped into pages of 15 songs, to avoid having one giant page to scroll through. You can move back and forth between pages at will.

NOTE: You must submit the form to save your votes. You can come back at anytime to edit them, as long as you are using the same Google account.

The voting form is HERE, and the entries are HERE (mirror).

Comments have been removed from all entries, barring those which contain further information about the song itself. Any other tags which may have contained identifying information have also been removed. Originals have had all tags except title wiped.

  1. The following entries are in ROM format and must be opened in an emulator; for the sake of complying with SMWCentral's policies the file extensions have been removed, but they can still be opened in your emulator of choice:

    • Orig18: Leerytune
    • Orig22: the moon is made of water

  2. The following entries may have tags that have been corrupted or are in an unsupported encoding, so their titles are listed here:

    • Orig28: Machinations Météopolitaines

  3. Orig06 is a zip file containing 7 SPCs; these should be treated as and voted on as a single entry. I also strongly recommend extracting all the files before touching this, at least if on Windows, as Windows Defender seems to falsely flag it as a virus if you try to open the nested zip file.

There will also be exclusive trophies for any user that votes on every single entry, as well as a distinct one for any user who leaves comments [within reason; joke comments/shitposts/etc will not count] on every single entry! You need a SMW Central account by the time of results to qualify for a trophy. Note that your own entries are excluded from this, for obvious reasons.

The voting deadline is Sunday, December 18th, 23:59 UTC. It may seem like a long time, but don't let it creep up on you!

With that all out of the way - have fun listening to all the entries, best of luck to all the entrants, and let the voting begin!
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! As an early holiday gift, the results are all ready to go!



In 3rd place:
Argonfunk, with Karl Brueggemann - Inflector (Cover24), and a score of 82.40/100!

In 2nd place:
 Ahrion, with Bomberman 2 (DS) - Seen High (Cover55), and a score of 84.27/100!

And in 1st place:
_aitchFactor, with Final Fantasy VII - Let the Battles Begin! (Cover45), and a score of 86.64/100!


In 3rd place:
 icrawfish, with Walls That Were Once Called Home (Orig13), and a score of 78.55/100!

In 2nd place:
 Ahrion, with Frequencies in Flux (Orig31), and a score of 79.33/100!

And in 1st place:
 icrawfish and  Segment1Zone2, with Torpedo (Orig08), and a score of 84.45/100!


Thank you all for participating this year, even if the voter turnout was a little underwhelming. I truly hope that everyone had fun, no matter how you placed. I look forward to seeing you all again for next year's 5th anniversary of the contest (man, time flies)! We'll be hosting it a little bit earlier in the year in the hopes that more people may be able to join in the fun, whether entering or voting!
Additionally, if you notice any errors in the results, please let me know. The data is directly pulled from the responses this year so there should be no issues, but there's always a small chance of something going awry. Thanks!

Happy holidays, and here's to another great year of SNES music!
Now second-to-last is more like what I expected. #tb{:DD} (Last year I was pretty baffled I got a reasonably good score.)

Thanks very much for the feedback, even though I have no idea what half of it means. Just goes to show I shouldn't be trusted with mixing!

For the collab with Plasmariel, I did none of the composition: mine was more on the technical side of things. I ended up fixing up the Txx command in the process on SNESMod: the fades were not supposed to fire on the first tick, and the hardware timers were being set on every tick, which is a good way to cause lag under the wrong circumstances via missing ticks. I didn't do more ASM magic there because of time constraints.

As for Cover25... it is as literal of a port of this .sid file as I could get it. I mean it, too: the data is literally taken from the .sid file. I reverse engineered the VCMD set of the sound driver used in the .sid file and ported over almost all of it (I have an untested VCMD because none of the songs used it (yes, I had multiple test cases), and I omitted direct SID register writes because I'm not replicating SIDMania) to the SPC700. This includes having to adjust the playback speeds manually by ear through a lookup table because of hardware timer precision limitations (it is no cycle-exact timer... and there's no interrupt support). The only other note is that I enabled software-rendered echo whereas the .sid technically disabled it: this was because the .sid was writing and reading from different locations.

I was considering bringing out my own sound driver for a song, but it was too early in development before the deadline hit (the music player was barely working at around that point, if at all).
Oh wow! This is by far my best performance when it comes to originals in this contest, I can't thank you all enough!

Special shoutouts to the lovely  icrawfish for being very supportive and for collabing with me, it was really fun and I am very open to collabing with him for a future SFC!
(Also if the intro bass in Torpedo sounds familiar to you, it's similar to Journey to Silius - Stage 3, not Gradius, like icraw said in his comment. =P)

Once again, thank you all for the amazing feedback and voting in general, you're all awesome! #smrpg{<3}

Anyways, below I'm gonna respond to the various comments on my entries.

Ha, nice, got 6th place babyyyyyyy #smrpg{cool}

Ngl tho, I wasn't expecting a particularly high placement considering the sheer quantity and quality of entries this time around, but I'm glad that I managed to rank as high as I did despite that haha

Honestly, I would say something that's cool about the sound design or process here, but this was very much made with the intention of sounding as much as "me" as possible, mainly as a way to make up for my absence from the last Super Famicompo and show that yes, I did indeed do something, even if I wanted to initially do much more than this but y'know, fatigue and being overall extremely busy lately certainly put a hamper on things very fast, but hey, at least I did manage to make something after all :P
Thank you Zavok. Also compared to last year, I feel that the quality of submissions has increased. And congratulations to  Segment1Zone2 and  icrawfish. When I heard Torpedo for the first time I already knew that the song will win the contest. It's a banger!
Aside from all the congratulation, I had quite some fun judging all the entries (this). It certainly was quite a big of a challenge to judge all the covers given that they're also dependent on the source and when the source is bad, the final score also suffers (though I did note the creators that if the original sounds bad, it should be improved upon) and the original track is ported, things become a bit less impressive. The only challenge was finding a good comment, though I also focused primarily on the "extremes" i.e. why something sounds so good or bad (especially the latter since they often contain constructive criticism). I also judged at the final week so I didn't have much time to comment everything upon .

As an aside, it's cool to see my favourite submission high up.

Why I gave the sampling covers a zero: I originally wrote "n/a" for the score and since you can only enter a number for the score, I decided to go with a zero, though I also considered a meme score like 42 but that would have been unfair to the other, especially these with a worse score. To be fair, if I knew what went behind Cover25, I might have given it a proper score (even if not a particularly high one) since that was quite an impressive effort, KFF, even if the end result may not sound the best, unfortunately. Never judge a book by its cover. #ab{;)}
This also made me realise that it works a bit like Pikachu's call in Pokémon Yellow since both use a PCM sample which is a flat line and then use the volume to create the output with the difference that Cover25 can has 128 different volumes instead of the two used in PKMN Yellow. In particular, if you slow down the SPC player, the pitch also gets lowered due to the lower sample rate.

Oh, and in case you're wondering on what I was intended to submit:
It's Kraid's Lair from Metroid Zero Mission, I've found a pretty good MIDI (kind of a necessity since I don't know how to extract the note data from it, though there still could be the one or another inaccuracy) but got kind of lazy at some point and also had trouble to find fitting samples (which is why I was dependent on someone who could overlook my efforts). Let's hope it's done for C3, though.

Edit: Actually, no, that wasn't it, I instead attempted Kevin MacLeod's Forecast (Elevator) but since the MIDIs I found weren't the best, I had to rely on someone else. Kraid's Lair happened later (though it still would have been a valid choice and also more likely to be finished).
Both bottom of top half and top of bottom half (15th and 16th in Original). Not bad.

Kind of funny my long 6 minute track was outbeat by my shorter track.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Originally posted by Soul Storm
doesn't he meant "métropolitaines" météopolitaines is not a french word maybe it was a neologism ??? i don't know why i'm asking this he'll not answer me anyways X

Nope, it's indeed supposed to be météopolitaines, as a pun on météo and métropolitain, since we were thinking of the weather in a city. Or something like that anyway.

Well-deserved wins, especially for the covers category. Ahrion's love of keygen music comes through in his cover, haha. And I think I've gushed enough about icrawfish's songs in the voting comments.

Honorable mention to A New Day for also slapping a lot.

Tied in 40th. I honestly expected my entry to rank a little bit lower, I feel that what hurt my entry the most was the fact that I went for an unsampled submission instead of a sampled one. Nevertheless, congrats to the winners, although personally I wish I had a bit more feedback about my entry, since I feel like I could use some pointers, but I digress. Happy Holidays to everyone, and I hope to see you all in the next one!
Nothing worth looking at here.

I'm honestly flabbergasted I did this well given there were several entries in the original category I deemed as objectively superior to my own. I suppose it never is possible to accurately predict how other people will judge your work comparatively, haha.

To clarify some things since I guess I didn't explain it quite right in my author's comments: for Torpedo (Orig08), I composed the base of the song without percussion, and then after that Segment composed the percussion and ported the entire song over, adding some well-needed volume/pan mixing in the process, along with some back-and-forth additions that can really only be attributed to our combined efforts. For Machinations Météopolitaines (Orig28), me and bebn actually took turns composing/porting each section, and then we worked together to integrate our parts together to have a generally cohesive flow to it. Both instances were really new and fun experiences for me, and I can't thank  bebn legg and  Segment1Zone2 enough for taking the time to work with me.

For Walls That Were Once Called Home (Orig13), I pulled my samples from a lot of different places, so I'm a little surprised to see multiple people pin it down as specifically Mitsuda-style. I'll take the compliment though, haha. I was also humored that one person (presumably) guessed me for With Sadness in Heart (Cover37) based on my sample usage, even though I used Romancing SaGa samples last SFC and this remix specifically uses Dragon Quest VI samples (since, well it's a Dragon Quest song).

I also want to give a few special shoutouts, firstly to Plasmariel for pulling up to the contest a third time with something even more astounding than before, even though it didn't place as high as previous entries there's no denying it was a masterpiece through and through. Also big kudos to _aitchFactor and Argonfunk (even though they're not on this site) for both taking top spots in the covers category, despite this being their first time in the contest. Also kudos to  Ahrion for netting the double silver medals, I wasn't aware you composed until this contest but you certainly pulled through. One more shoutout to  Fyre150 for sharing my braincell and also making a Twilight Princess port. We need more of those on this site.

That's all for this year, but I'm already looking forward to next year! Hopefully I can dedicate a little more time to the covers category, but I'll still be eager to do some originals as well.
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MusicSuper FamicompoResults