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SA1 sprite does not interact with other sprite or get kill by shell

so I've been using SA1 converter for quite a while now, but I've notice some issues regarding the converted sprite not interacting with other sprites. For example, usually they would bump into each other and turn the other direction. But for the SA1 sprites, they will just pass through each other and also the other thing is when I throw a shell at them, it will not kill them. The shell just passes through the SA1 sprite. I need help please.. :((

What is the sprite in question? It would help to be able to see the code of it.

Usually, issues like this stem from a sprite RAM table not being properly converted to its SA-1 equivalent.

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In addition to what Thomas said, I'd suggest testing the exact same setups on lorom to be sure that the issue is with the conversion.

Also, look for LDY #$0C or LDY #$0B (or possibly LDX). If this is part of a loop over the sprites, change to LDY #!SprSize or LDY #!SprSize-1 respectively.