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The 2nd Old-School Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack



Surprise! Releasing alongside AnEvilGhost's and Stivi's VLDC12 Collab, OLDC2 is finally here as well! OLDC2 is a compilation of the 2nd Old School Level Design Contest, hosted in 2021. With 125 levels and 150 exits, this is currently the second biggest (in both level and exit count) romhack to date!

While not as fancy as VLDC12, a lot of neat things were created, including:
- 121 Entries plus 4 Switch Palaces, bringing the level and exit count total to 125 levels and 150 exits
- A brand new fully vanilla overworld by  Lazy
- A lorom version of the Overworld Expansion Patch by  MarioFanGamer
- A warp system that'll take you back to Yoshi's House by pressing Start, created by  Stivi
- Various per-level coding assistance by ASMagician Maks
- A few broken midway points from submitted levels have been fixed in this compilation for easier play

Lastly, note that unlike other compilation hacks, Dragon Coins do not save at midways! Don't worry however, despite checks existing for both Dragon Coins and Moons, you'll only have to get all the exits for 100% completion!

This'll probably be it for compilations created internally by SMWC Staff, so good luck and godspeed to anyone aiming to compile OLDC3!
We hope you enjoy!
got a chance to play OLDC2 and is very good.

only one person seemed to have encountered some game save bugs mentioned on the download page but I can't reproduce those bugs on my end as it runs fine and game saves work as expected.

edit 10/29 - I found a minor issue with the Rex Ridge level in this game where hitting a message block produces an empty message (shows nothing)

either add a message to this message block or remove that message block from this level

edit 10/30 - another problem found - this time a game freezing/crashing problem in Sky Battalion level in the Space World. Since Sky Battalion is an auto-scrolling level after hitting a ? block that contains a cape feather, I caught that feather off screen and it immediately froze the game. so OLDC2 needs this Feather Autoscroll Freeze patch to fix the problem.

third problem found - this one in (untitled) level in Space World

after passing the midway checkpoint and after dying, restarting that (untitled) level from near the midway point leads to this "corruption" problem:

and Mario instantly falls into the bottom and dies.
one more problem I found with that (untitled) level in the space world:

entering this yellow pipe in that level:

leads to this:

but entering that green pipe near the green bush & arrow sign lead to this:

uh-oh, that section is part of The Myth of Icarus level; so that green pipe takes Mario to a different section intended for a different level; so that pipe exit needs to be changed/fixed to appear in a later section of (untitled) instead of The Myth of Icarus.

btw, entering that green pipe in (untitled) near that green bush background as Big Mario and he'll instantly appear below that "yellow spike" and will shrink to small Mario
{edit 11/6}

found another problem

the first yellow door in Leap Claps level of the grass world - entering it does not "reset" that first section of that level. it goes to the first section of the "Forestress" level in the forest world