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BaseROM Level Design Contest 2022 - Baserom Changelog & Updates (v1.07)

Link Thread Closed
Any updates along with any changes made to the baserom will be listed below. All versions will be valid for contest use if you have no issue with an older version.

Version 1.0 (download):
  • initial version released for the contest

Any earlier versions will be still valid for the contest.

To report issues please refer to this thread .

Download Latest Baserom →
Some of the custom sprites were lacking descriptions, if you would like an up-to-date metadata file that has more complete descriptions for sprites save this file replacing the .ssc in the baserom folder.
Version 1.01 (download):
  • Fixed issue with the Configurable Ball n' Chain where Mario would bounce on it
  • Fixed map16 errors with stacking blocks
  • Fixed bug in Punchy where it doesn't interact with the sprite in the highest slot
  • Updated missing sprite descriptions
Version 1.02 (download):

Hot fix release that removes Climbing Net Door on Subscreen Boundary Fix as it causes a crash in some emulators.
Version 1.03 (download):

This one comes with a couple fixes for missing cape interaction with custom extended hammer sprite in the custom hammer brothers and for the dry bones throwing fireballs instead of bones. Also the speed was adjusted for donut and stack block sprites.
Version 1.04 (download):

Hot fixing the same issue with bones but with hammers this time.
Version 1.05 (download):

Dropped the Extended No More Sprite Tiles patch, since it was causing many issues with DSS and extended sprite graphics (this will re-introduce the Sumo Fire bug).

Also fixed:
- missing cape interactions in custom bro projectiles
- shells crashing the game when spawned from pipe spawner
- the snifit creating junk gfx when squished by cape
Version 1.06 (download):

Just a handful of minor fixes for this release, one of which is game-crashing:
- fixed issue with music not playing after the goal tape
- fixed SFX echo object not always running
- fixed issue in the stacking block sprites that crashed the game in vertical levels
- fixed the remove power-up block not removing cape flight properly
Version 1.07 (download):

Some more last-minute bug fixes:
- fixed issue with spin jump SFX and the custom eating block
- fixed issue with the stacking block bounce sprites crashing game with line guide sprites
- fixed issue with retry type change persisting between levels
Link Thread Closed