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Ultimate Noob Sprite Event

Hey everyone,
I'm having an issue where the Ultimate Noob Sprite boss level exit isn't counted, and nor are any thereafter. It only saves up to the castle. I have all of the settings correct for the level as the events occur, and Mario moves as expected. I know it has something to do with the sprite because everything worked fine when I removed it.

Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.
Just wanting to confirm this issue as I experience it as well with the Noob Boss Sprite. So it seems to be rather a global problem of the Sprite rather than an individual issue (having customized something wrong in the ASM etc.).
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coming soon (second half January 2023)
So after I did some digging around in the level, I found out that it wasn't the Noob Boss Sprite that was giving me the issue. I accidentally inserted two "custom" sprites I hadn't patched into the game. They appear as koopas without shells, and you had to spin jump on them. Once I removed those, everything worked fine. I'll add my code here for you to see and maybe it helps. You know that it's long. As a FYI, I have it set to turn on the P-Switch at the end of the boss fight. I was doing that to send the player to a room with an orb (which didn't work because of the koopas). The door also never appeared.

Here's the code:
Hmm okay, thanks for explaining and sharing your code! I will look into my level again and to see if I maybe did a similar thing … #tb{''}
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coming soon (second half January 2023)
So I came across an interesting situation. I was working on revisions to the hack, and I inserted an asar asm and I found that the exits were no longer saving after the noob boss. I went and reinserted the boss, and it worked fine.

My thought is that the boss needs to be the last element patched into the game in order to work properly. I can't say that it's the ultimate fix, but it 100% worked for me.
So you mean I should just run PIXI again? Or should I delete the Sprite out of the level and place it again?
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coming soon (second half January 2023)
Yeah just run PIXI again. No need to change anything in the code or levels.