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KLDC Madness: A hack about fixing my mistakes on my contest entries...

Standard: HardKaizo: Beginner

KLDC2022 judges please don't open (until the results) #tb{:?} Crap, the results are already out... I guess I wait until it got playtested...

| KLDC apology madness |
My contest entries collection

I'm making this hack as an apology for my 2 awful kldc entries ... which turns out as a compilation of all my contest entries updated! (Up to 2022)
I will release the hack when the kldc 2022 results are out. (I expect to be disqualified since I'm the only contestant who breaks a rule #smrpg{ohno} (time limit) Nevermind I got 53th, I will did make the change in the release or the beta update)
I changed the name in beta 0.2 since I did not get disqualified twice in kldc, the name is also not definitive

What to expect:
15 16 exits
2 kaizo levels from kldc + 1 kaizo tutorial level
4 standard levels from non kaizo -ldc
bonus level + another contest I entered level?

-Beta.0.1: Slightly changed the message box for the placement of my KLDC 2022 level.
-Beta.0.2: Changed the title name, changed "sorry" to "kaizo" on the overworld
-Beta.0.3: New level added, new patch added, overworld changes...
-Beta.0.4: Added easter egg, better aesthetic at the yoshi's houses, and a very minor change.
-Beta.0.5: Added moon at every non-zero exit levels, timer fixes, aesthetics changes.

Download here

Tags: less exgfx, music, asm, gimmick, puzzle, variety, compilation(custom tag), epilepsy warning (just to be safe) (It should not happen)

The death sfx can rarely stop the music (it's intended), pause and unpause to resume it.
Unthrow and Rebox
, there's a section that may cause epilepsy, I tried to make it not happen.
Dragon's restroom
has intended cutoffs.
The difficulty should be accessible to those who 100% Jump 1/2, feel free to say which parts are too hard.
I'm not sure if I should add the "Misc: Troll" difficulty...

If you playtest, tell me with a reply or PM so I don't release it before you finish it.
My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...
New update: Beta.0.3
-1 new level (1 exit)
-Added Horizontal scroll snap fix

Note: The overworld has changed, a new savefile is required I think.

New minor update: Beta.0.4
-Added easter egg
-Yoshi's houses are now looking better (also the credits too)
-Very minor aesthetic change on "Basics and Regrets" (the tutorial level)

Note: The overworld has changed, a new savefile is required, or you will get hardlocked on the overworld.

11/july/2023 Hotfix: Broken screen exit fixed sorry!

New minor update: Beta.0.5
-Now every levels which have at least 1 exit has a 3-up moon to collect (they are hard)
-100% ending is ExGFX enhanced!
-Timer fixes
-Minor aesthetics changes
My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...

Standard: HardKaizo: Beginner