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Spawn custom sprite in a specific direction

I wanted to spawn a custom sprite in a specific direction, but instead, the custom sprite spawn depending of the sprite's direction towards the player.
Thinking that spawn custom sprite is something like:

    STZ $00
    STZ $01        ;store to scratch RAM.
    STZ $02        ;store to scratch RAM.
    STZ $03        ;store to scratch RAM.
    LDA #$xx        ;load sprite number
    SEC                    ;clear carry - spawn normal sprite
    BCS +            ;if no sprite was spawned don't bother playing SFX
    LDA #$xx
    STA $xxxx|!Base2

I learned that to spawn bullet bills from the specific direction is something like:

How can i fix that?
Well, this code works very well for me since the sprite is generated in one direction without having to look at Mario.

I hope it helps you, since it goes very well with the code in my sprites.