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Nintendo Direct - 2.8.2023

SURPRISE!! Another Direct is coming in the horizon! Just like the last time, Big N has announced that there will be more games coming to the Switch in the first half of 2023! What could it be? Could it be a port of a game from another gaming platform or maybe a Switch exclusive? An indie game or a completely new IP from a popular gaming company? Or maybe a newest installment of an highly-anticipated vgame series? So many questions to ask, so little time. Find out more in this edition of Nintendo Direct!

Are you guys ready for this?! If you want to talk about this Direct, discuss.
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Probably new traliers from Tears of Kingdom, Pikmin 4, Wave 4 of Booster course pass
A few little DLC and indie games and last -like 9.13.22- there will be a big game even maybe ane 3D Mario who knows
Originally posted by Nintendo
Metroid Prime Remastered

I mean, that's great and all, but it's also been nearly 6 years this year from when Metroid Prime 4 was announced. And still nothing yet. Remakes are just the new thing to do now I guess.

Originally posted by Nintendo
GB/GBC/GBA games on Switch

Great. Now to wait for them to add Mother 3 to it (they won't)
End of this message.
Originally posted by Nintendo
Metroid Prime Remastered

Never played any of the Metroid Prime series so this was actually exciting to me.

Originally posted by Nintendo
GB/GBC/GBA games on Switch

Been waiting for that for IDK how long and was the catalyst for only now getting the expansion pass tier. Really appreciate being able to play the e-reader levels in SMA4:SMB3, tho I feel kinda dumb for taking a while to figure out how to actually access them. Mario Kart Super Circuit is nostalgic but feels janky to control compared to later Mario Kart games and thus is kinda difficult to go back to. Apparently Metroid Fusion is on the list of future games (was not into Metroid when that came out).

Originally posted by Arq
Great. Now to wait for them to add Mother 3 to it (they won't)

IMO if it will have to be bowdlerized it's probably just as well that they don't localize it. If they have to slap a T or M rating on it, so be it.
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This was another one of those Directs that I recognize was objectively quite good, but had surprisingly little stuff in it that appealed to me specifically, so I felt a bit weird about it shortly after.

That being said, an immediate release of Metroid Prime Remastered was certainly a surprise, and a pleasent one at that. The very short Xenoblade 3 teaser also got me hyped. Once again, the new Zelda trailer left me a bit dumbfounded, because it managed to still not reveal anything major about the game, and I feel at this point, were's so close to release that we might as well just all play the game without seeing anything else about it and discover all the surprises ourselves. I'm CERTAIN they're still hiding a few major bombshells from us, but it seems like they're just not willing to share any of them pre-release.

Aside from all that, just a few minor things for me throughout the Direct.
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The thing I'm finding myself most excited for is the Atelier Marie remake (which wasn't in the English directs but will have a localized version). The Etrian Odyssey ports are neat and all... but the price isn't very enticing.
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