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[Zelda Classic 2.55 alpha] Myriad Worlds - Winter C3 2023 Thread

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots

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Thank you. The base tileset I used here is a heavily edited version of the FYS tileset by FnrrfYgmSchnish which itself is an heavily edited version of the stock zelda 1 NES tileset that comes with Zeldaclassic. Talk about edit-ception, huh?

Thank you all for visiting my Myriad Worlds thread. I'm glad you like what you saw. I'll try to have a demo available come the next C3.

Sick project.
Can't wait to play when released.

♪ Something in the way... ♪
Thank you Electro, your support means a lot.

I wonder, is there really any engine or tool that you are able to modify Zelda?
If yes, which ones?
It's a fangame engine called Zelda Classic. The thread title and my opening post should have clued you in.

Look great! There's a lot of variety on display, I'm especially pleased by the Ancient City Ruins, gives me bad future Chrono Trigger vibes, which I like.
Thank you. The colours for that world are in fact directly from chrono trigger but slightly modified.

Oh nice! I'm not super in-tune to the Zelda fan-game community so this is really cool to see! I like the graphics in general, and especially the UI displays that pop up. I really like the giant overworld map, I'm a big map fan so just seeing all that connected together is like free dopamine to me. Really nice stuff here, hope you're able to work on it more in the future!
embed fail!!

Thank you icrawfish. I'm honestly glad you like what you see. As I was saying earlier there's a few loose threads in the quest's own main quest that I still need to deal with, but I'll let you in a fun little secret: This quest will allow you to carry a whopping 56 to 72 hearts once you find the heart pieces for them. There's also overworld F.O.Es that will wreck your shit in unless you are properly prepared.

Sounds good. And big.
Please pardon the eye.
Umm... Thank you I guess?

Well, of course! I just hope it isn't insanely hard, or have too many choices between items.
I've played a few ZC quests I couldn't finish.

My fave one so far is The Hero Of Dreams. Let's see if yours can surpass that.
Please pardon the eye.
Okay. I don't think I can beat HoD but that's okay, I'm mostly doing my own thing.

A Zelda game? That's welcome in every aspect, looks even like an unreleased SNES title!

Have a frost day~
Thank you BB (mind if I call you that?) I'm glad you came to visit this thread.

it looks really promissing, the hud gives me link's awakening/oot vibes on the way how you equip your items and weapons to an assigned button
Again thank you. I did that because I noticed most other recent Zelda Classic quests were doing it and I figured there wouldn't be any harm in doing it in my project.

aww, very cool. zelda classic was one of the first fanmade games i remember really getting into as well.
ive been playing these since purezc was a thing, and was always bummed that armageddon games never made the FF6 engine they were working on.

i love some of these zelda classic quests tho. links birthday DX, hero of dreams, that megaman remake, and the never finished but still most impressive use of zelda classic ive ever seen - Zodiac: Story of the Guardian

im looking forward to playing when it gets released!
Thank you MellowYouth. I am glad (yet suprised) to see someone else here who is a purezc regular here.

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Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots