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New Super Mario World 1: The 12 Magic Orbs Powered-Up C3 trailer and screenshots

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsTrailer

I am honestly looking forward to this one. I might give it a spin once it's fully released.

With a wide variety of worlds and level themes this will almost certainly feel like a full complete journey to venture through. Very impressed by the work shown off, good job!

12 orbs. One for each month #smw{:TUP:}
ask me if i give a f*ck...
Can't wait for playing it again with the new stuff around!

Have a frost day~
Originally posted by Pink Gold Peach
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Hello Pink Gold Peach.
You know that i made 4 koopalings in one ASM file. You requested it and i made it.
You must thank me for it and give me credit in your SMW hack.

I wish good luck in your SMW hack.
Make it great again like Donald Trump. #smw{:peace:}

And here are they:

World 1 Boss: Larry Koopa

The simplest boss, he uses the grass orb's powers to shoot evil munchers at your face, and that's really it.

World 2 Boss: Wendy O. Koopa

A more challenging boss as she uses the water orb's powers to walk over a thin layer of water (a.k.a. tile 1F0) and manipulate floating water bubbles that Mario has to use to survive while fighting her.

World 3 Boss: Iggy Koopa

You could say he's a pretty toxic boss, as he jumps every time Mario jumps, making it more challenging than the first world boss, and of course he also shoots poison balls.

World 4 Boss: Lemmy Koopa

A boss fight set entirely above quicksand, but since Lemmy is using the powers of the desert orb, he's able to walk over it, while Mario and Luigi can't, giving them a disavantage.

And additionally, here are some screenshots of Bowser's Castle which is the level i'm working right now:

Really like how you're giving life to the bosses by focusing their abilities around the orbs. As maybe kamek could make the screen darker, and the world 9 boss actually pushes you in all types of directions using the wind.

Also Bowser's castle looks pretty wild! I can't wait to see what 12-castle 2 (I like to think of it as world 12-bowser, but that's just me)
While the original was before my time in Rom-Hacks. I was sorta dissapointed when I tried the original out after it's sequel, I guess I let the hype get to me. From what I've played of the remaster this is fantastic and with the recent changes this is becoming a whole new beast. It's real inspiring to watch this grow, goes to show how far true dedication can get you.
Current Projects:
Super Mario 𝓥𝓸𝔂𝓪𝓰𝓮
“If you are not able to be wrong, you will never come up with something original”
Pink Gold Peach, what projects do you intend to do besides the New Super Mario World sequel?
I had a hard time with the original. Never completed the final, FINAL stage.
Hopefully this is slightly more manageable at least.
I like what I see so far though.
Please pardon the eye.
Originally posted by Heitor Porfirio
Pink Gold Peach, what projects do you intend to do besides the New Super Mario World sequel?

I have no plans on making a third entry on the NSMW series, and if i continue on making hacks then i'll make smaller projects as i'll be more busy with real life in the following years, as i get closer to graduating and begin my career

Wow, really awesome stuff happening here. Not only is it a polished remaster, but there's so many features going on here in general. I love all the different power-ups showcased, even things I never would've thought of like Bubble Mario. The graphics in general look great, and I liked the small glimpse of the overworld that we got in the trailer. Really nice work!
embed fail!!

The first half of Bowser's Castle is done so i'll show the screenshots here:

That's what i want to show for now, tomorrow before the event ends i might post a few more screenshots comparing more levels.

I don't have much to comment here.

Undeniable quality! #w{=3}

Also I found the FireBars and Thwomps with colors that are probably blinking pretty crazy #tb{'_'}
Gotta say it again, the best thing you did was getting rid of the Super Mario Bros. 3 status bar. While I don't think it looks terrible, it ate a lot of space screen, which didn't let your levels shine enough. As usual, your aesthetics are really well done and from what I played of the demo (I think it was an older version), you did a fantastic job with level design overall. I really like your idea around the orbs having different powers and each of the boss fights showcasing said power. I look forward to the complete version and hopefully, SA-1 doesn't give you too much trouble while finishing this hack.

Yeah, I'm making a SA-1 hack too and I know the pain of having to convert certain resources. |-O

And i'm not done showing new screenshots, i just got World 5's boss working by tweaking Roberto's koopalings a bit:

World 5 Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.

He walks and jumps around while shooting large fireballs, each time he takes a hit he spawns a reflecting podoboo.

World 6 Boss: Kamek

And yeah, this boss i added earlier (it's even in the trailer) but forgot to properly showoff so here is it, it's pretty much the undine boss but with crystals instead of waves, and its slightly tweaked to be more fair.

I like that you put Kamek in Undine's place. And I always really liked this last level of World 5, both the music and the graphics.

Good job #smw{:TUP:}
I saw gifs of Roberto's koopalings. And I really apreciate how big of an improvement it is just by showcasing when they are going to attack.
Also, Bowser's Castle looks sick!
Good call on making Kamek the boss of World 6 instead of Roy. In the original hack, Kamek was the boss of two straight worlds (9 and 10), so adjusting the boss order like this is a slight improvement regarding variety.

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsTrailer