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Chaos Chronicles - My SMW Hack
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Just a note: this is not my first hack I have many other failed projects and I have a few that might be up to SMWC standards (others aren't and have floating munchers or other problems)

The story (It's only the first little bit of it since thats all I have at the moment)

One after noon while mario was out for a walk, he stumbles on a secret tunnel going into the ground, one that he has never seen before. Mario decides not to go alone, so he goes home to ask Luigi if he wants to come with him into the tunnel and Luigi quickly agrees.

Meanwhile, Yoshi overhears the two brothers talking and decides he wants to follow them. He decides to get a head start, so he goes to the tunnel and wanders inside, unforunately he gets caught in a trap.

Will Yoshi get freed, or will Mario and Luigi ever find out, and what lies within this secret tunnel, continue on and find out.


The first level, The Secret Tunnel Part 1, a very short level with custom ladder graphics

We find Yoshi trapped in this level (Secret Tunnel Part 2) so you must get him untrapped. It's a fairly easy puzzle level but there are many reset pipes located in the level incase you mess up.

This is sunset plains, a nice easy level that is somewhat linear but does have a few alternate routes here and there

More of sunset plains. Oh I also forgot it contains Fake HDMA. I could never get the real HDMA thing to work so I choose the next best thing

Last picture of Sunset Plains. The background is somewhat darker don't you think, you may be able to guess why.

The Foggy Hills, be careful the fog can make things that much more dangerous, although I'm sure Mario and Luigi can handle it.

Watch out for the falling goomba and many other things in this little area (although this is the only time you have to worry about the little guy landing on your head from far above)

Finally out of the fog, finish line is up ahead

After the Foggy Hills the path splits with two ways to castle 1, the first route will take you here to Yoshi's Flatlands which has a custom background completely drawn by myself)

Another screen shot of Yoshi's Flatlands. This level is very unlinear with three ways to get to the exit.

And finally we have this one, this is the other route to castle #1. Welcome to Midnight High, a nice vertical puzzle level, and don't worry all my puzzle levels come with extra cheese and reset pipes

Also note, a lot of the levels have the same ground color which will be changed when I get around to it

>Some custom graphics and SMW Redrawn graphics
>Unique Bosses
>No time limits (Time Fix Patch has been used)
>Power Down patch and Fade Fix Patch are both used
>More to come...

I'm done now, comments, questions, concerns, post them here. Anyone wanting to be a beta tester feel free to post although I don't need any for about a week. An expect a demo at the C3, enjoy!

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+

the fog is fantstic and the screenshots seem to be looking great so, I'm looking forward to this, keep it up!
I have to agree. The fog looks nicely done. Good job.

That's an awful lot of pipes, though. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it looks a bit out of place.
Thanks for the comments, ya I think your right about the pipes, I'll probably cut down on the amount of pipes and just turn a lot of them into ground (they were kind of put there to make the level less flat but I think regular ground would look better in someplaces).

Update: I lowered the amount of pipes

old on left, new on right

Some screenshots of the first part of the Grassland Temple the next level after Midnight High. This level is rumored to have the green switch located somewhere inside.

This level has many different areas to go to and is very non-linear so there is a lot to explore

Demo #1 Progress
5/9 Levels done
Secret Tunnel Part 1&2 - Done
Sunset Plains - Done
The Foggy Hills - Done
Yoshi's Flatlands - Not finished
??? - Not started
Midnight High - Done
Grassland Temple - Started
Castle #1 (not the actually castle name) - Not started

I should be able to get it done by the end of next week and get some beta testers and have the whole thing ready by the 1st of November
Wow, very good levels aken back to SMB2-3. How did you do the fog BTW?

My youtube page:

Update, the first 9 levels for the demo are done (although I may add 1 more before the first demo is released) and I'm almost ready to put out a demo (which will be coming this weekend). Two things I'd like to say first: The overworld sucks, I don't need any comments about it (it will be redone by the time demo #2 is ready) and the title screen isn't that good right now but I will get around to it by the time the game is finished. Now for a request, is anyone willing to beta test my game.

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+


Demo #1 Link

Finally my first demo is officially done (hopefully it gets accepted, even though it has a tiny error, explained below). Some improvements from the C3 Demo (which I don't think many people seen since I posted it near the end of the C3 weekend) have been made which are listed below

>Completely redone Overworld
>Added in storyline text
>Added one bonus level

Also I relised one error while posting this message, there is an error with the custom complete level blocks, I forgot to make it completely invisible, right now it looks like it has a checkerboard pattern (darn I thought I had everything just right, I always end up missing something)

Edit: Fixed version is now up ,considering I just discovered another error (which was a much bigger error)

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+


I'm back with updates for my game. I decided to take a break from SMW hacking for awhile but now I'm back and here is some screenshots for you all (demo 2 should be done in a few weeks), I'll have level screenshots up later

The map of the Chronicle Islands (the only map that is not apart of the Chronicle Islands is the mushroom kingdom), topleft submap = Mushroom Kingdom, topright/middle left = Hot Rock Island, Bottom Left = Realm of Chaos, Main Map = The Grasslands, Dusty Desert, and the Tundra of Shadows. Two of the worlds have been removed from the screenshot, you will have to wait for the full game to see those

Two sets of ExGFX I'm using for my game, they are both drawn by me (my first half decent fg custom graphics) and use the default map16 pages. I may release them after my game is finished.

Also: website for my hack, Click Here. Currently Underconstruction, contains info on all the worlds/levels in the game (well it will when its done)

Btw if you haven't done so already, my first demo is on the site and I'd love for people to play it and tell me what they think of it so far. Minor note: it's relatively short and hasn't gotten into the major part of the story yet, title screen movie and music hasn't been changed but will be in the full version.

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+

Looking good.

I'm not a fan of the SMWredrawn graphics, but you've done a good job with them and your other exgfx.
Hmm... if I remember, I've played your demo and I enjoyed it. So far, your overworlds and ExGFX are looking great so far; When you have another demo out, I'll be playing it.
I think I'll definatly download this hack, my friend said that it was awesome, and by looking at this page it looks great. Also, I think that foggy levels are a good, unique idea.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
This hack looks and is awesome!



Thanks for the comments everyone, demo 2 is nearly half way done, the second half will be done quicker since i'm working on it more now then I was. The demo should be done by February 20th (no promises though). More screenshots coming soon.

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+


It's been awhile since I posted an update in my hack thread so I thought I'd post one.

I did plan to have demo 2 out in February but I was busy working on my contest level for the Level design contest and I haven't been working on my hack as much as I planned to work on, so demo 2 is not done

Anyway I'll get to the point of the post. Even though demo 2 is not out, I do have an updated demo for the people of SMWCentral to play, now this isn't a severely updated demo, just some "minor" updates (sidenote: this demo isn't in the hack section of the site)

Chaos Chronicles Demo Version 1.1

Whats new in demo 1.1
- Fixed a few minor errors
- Midnight High has been remade and is no longer as difficult as before
- Added Custom Music
- A few secrets have been added (star blocks, secret/bonus rooms)
- Some levels have been changed slightly (but not much, excluding midnight high)
- New ExGFX made my myself (this isn't in the readme, forgot to put it in)

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+

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