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SaGa Frontier - Battle 5


Samples? I would like the original ones, even it means to downsample quite a bit. If not, Romancing SaGa 3 styled would sound good enough, I think. Any choice that makes the port sound as best as possible is okay to me, so it is up to the one claiming this request.

Audio Reference:


Romancing SaGa 3 styled

SMW Custom Music Port by 757

Note Data Reference:

Here is a pack of MIDIS from Saga Frontier, courtesy of Masterlink. I identified a lot of songs, some of them remain unknown, though. The correct midi is "Battle 5.midi", thanks.

I also have this SPC that I got from a website that was linked with the video above (The Romancing SaGa 3 styled one): SPC

Hopefully, this shall give anyone who claims the request an easier time, I hope. It is a really ambitious request, but I desire it to see this song in Super Mario World so badly.

I won't make any guarantees, but I'm somewhat interested in this, so I'll start looking into seeing how to get the soundfont from a .psf or .psflib file. If I manage to figure it out and have enough free time in the foreseeable future, I might come back and claim this.
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Sure. If it is any help, I heard that Masterlink has SaGa Frontier samples ripped, iirc. So I guess it is very likely that is possible to get the soundfont stuff. Anyway, I'll be awaiting for your answer, so for now, I'll leave the request open. Thanks for the consideration.

Oh, time moved sooner than I expected, so I should respond to this now while I can.

I got in touch with Masterlink and he gave me the samples, so I do have access to those. The only thing is, if I do accept this I will need to have the disclaimer that I probably wouldn't start working on it for a month or two, since I have a lot of school work I need to focus on right now and it's hard to get myself to dig into a new project with the pressure of IRL obligations.

My question is, would you rather I claim this and wait a few months to have it fulfilled, or just leave it be and let it expire so you can request other songs in the meantime, and maybe re-request it at a later date when I'm less preoccupied and see if I (or someone else) can do it then?

Sorry for the delayed response.
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I can wait just fine. I'll mark it as claimed.

On a second thought, I could just request it two months later, since you have the samples and the reference files I linked.
Sorry about changing my decision so quickly.

That's fine! It doesn't make much difference on my end either way, haha. I'll try to be more ready to take the request when the time comes.
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