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If it is OK, a Screen Name thread

As is usual, a big question that I sometimes have is where, how, and why do people use the Screen Names they do. I did read all of the profiles on the SMWiki but it still doesn't answer all of the questions. If this seems useless I will post this to the World of Insanity forum.

For example, I basically thought of a SN that wouldn't be already taken and I thought about using a nickname that I was called by my mother when I was a lot younger(and I am not ashamed of that). My real first name is Merrick, so my mother and a guy at this camp I went to referred to me a few times as a Miracle because my name is so similar. I also got nicknamed as Maverick many times, but that is another story.

So I thought about taking that, and the Hercules myth(I was so much into Greco Roman mythology at one point) and applying it to my name. It is basically as simple as that. My Email address, JohLennon, is the closest thing to John Lennon(my no.1 musical hero(not working class hero, though)) yet I had to remove the "n" because it was already taken. So my explanation is as simple as that.
I am not a hacker by trade, I am an observer and I can be very observant. I tend to lurk around here to prolong the good experience of playing the original SMW. Whatever can add onto it is something that I will definitely do when I am bored which is often. And I will rarely post and give praise when needed to the hacks that may make me interested to relive memories.

My worst enemy in Mario isn't Bowser but my controller that keeps on getting disconnected from the inside. Might be my memory count.

Originally posted by TheMonkeyBob
I forgot to say anything about mine.

My username went through an evolution. I started off with Bob. It worked well at the time because a lot of older video games would only accept short names or initials. After about a decade, I found that Bob was way too over used, so I decided to change it to Monkey Bob. This didn't work very well because someone seems to already use this name. I decided to use The Monkey Bob but it had problems to. Some web sites don't allow you to have spaces in your username and I hate underscores, so I just decided to take out the spaces altogether. So now I call myself TheMonkeyBob and use the initials TMB.

And that’s the short version of the story.

It still goes.
Well, I originally got this screen name on Newgrounds before I descovered hacking and tried to make flash games. I believe its "boing-boing-splat" there. I never submitted anything, though I have a basic understanding of ActionScript 2.0.

Why I chose it I don't really know, its probably just the first thing that came to mind. But, because "Boingboingsplat" is a pain to type, people usually refer to me as "Boing" or "Boingboing".
I really really have no clue why I chose mine. I'm not good at names. :P So I just randomly said jumbles of words until I came to dotsarecool. Might as well go with that.

I chose Sparx because they are literally my 5 favorite letters. I didn't even remember until a few minutes later that Spyro's dragonfly was named Sparx >.< I always use the names Sparx, shaynee2, or XxShaynee2xX wherever I go =P

i cant remember where i got delmaru from, i just made it up on the spot. kinda cool name i think.

I got Aiyo by making fun of my friends, they kept saying " Aye yo, get over here!"
Kawaii !!

Scientific genius!Read my signature and you will understand ;)
I am the Eggman! My current Egglayout is to support Sonic Robo Blast 2. I'll change it sometime in the future.
Listen to the SRB2 Soundtrack! It's awesome! AWESOME I SAY! Also, PM me if you ever wanna do SRB2 with me.
Mine is just a pile of sylables (i think i spelt it wrong) that I came up with when I tried to come up with a character name in the MMORPG called Dofus. (My brother's friends refer to it as Doofus)
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
Even though my username is a real name, I got it off one episode of Megas XLR. It was the Thanksgiving Throwdown episode and they made fun of the Mario Bros. along with some other characters. The Mario Bros. were known as the Fabio Bros. in that episode.

After that episode, the username became stuck as soon as I used it as a nickname when I first got the DS a few weeks later.
I like Penguins.
Your layout has been removed.
I got tired of trying to find names that aren't taken. When I was signing up for something, I told myself "Okay. I'm positive if I take my first name and a random object, no one will have taken it." My sister was playing KH2 at the time, fighting some nobodies.
I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn. I am less nurturing than a desert. -Demetri Martin.
Warrior Books. Warrior name generator. 'Nuff said.
Trader2340 stands for something

The Retarded And Dumber Evil Robot (it was gonna be a b for brother but what is a tradeb?) 2340 stands for numbers
Just back here to browse a bit.
Tails is my favorite game character, and Super Tails is his transformation. Plus it just sounds cool.

What I really hate is when people call me Superfails. >_>