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BLDC Baserom (v1.11)


Baserom Info

This version of the baserom was purpose-built for the 2022 Baserom Level Design Contest, it comes packed with too many resources and features to list here but the big ones are:

  • The Dynamic Spritesheet System + SA-1
    This combo enables you all to use any included sprite at any time (still with some limitations) in your levels and no longer have to deal with sprite ExGraphics or spritesheet mixing.

  • UberASM Objects
    For the contest, people weren't given any tools to apply things to the baserom but we wanted allow for some UberASM features, so there custom objects that will toggle some things that can be inserted in your level via Lunar Magic.

  • Retry System + Multi-midways
    This is another quality of life feature available to you, but it is off by default. You can use some of the UberASM objects to turn on retry in your levels and configure the style of retry you desire.

  • Over 50 Custom sprites
    We’ve inserted a bunch of fun custom sprites, including some enhancements to vanilla sprites and custom wrappers (like pipe spawners and stacks) to make enemies more flexible.

  • Many Graphics
    We’ve re-included the background and foreground resources from BLDC1 but added more resources from Super Mario Maker and Super Mario All-Stars to give you more visual options to use. Sample levels and Layer 3 ExGraphics are included for your ease.

This is a pretty complicated resource but it comes with all sorts of documentation and instructions that talk about what’s in the baserom, tell how to use certain features and give helpful tips. If you need assistance with the baserom or find issues with it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via site PM or in a relevant channel in the Discord.

Download Latest BLDC Baserom →
(this link will always take you to the latest version)

Project Source

If you're curious to see what's in the baserom in greater detail, want to modify it for your own project, or report an issue you can checkout the GitHub repository for the baserom. The repository also has more details and some additional resources to help you build upon the baserom for your own usage.

GitHub Project Page →

Issue Reporting

If you're using the baserom and find issues, don't hesistate to reach out to me either via site PM or on the Discord, or if you have a GitHub account feel free to file issues in the project issue tracker.
This post is a continuation of the update thread from the BLDC subforum to be both as a anchor for potential future updates--since people are still using the baserom for their projects--and to publish the source of the baserom. So if you are using the BLDC baserom let me know about issues and I'll do my best to update it periodically to address them.
Version 1.08 (download)

This update fixes a handful of bugs that were uncovered since the contest end, but the big change is improvements in performance with some patches being added to optimize things and improve vblank performance to help resolve some flickering issues that were reported.

See the full changelog for more details.
Version 1.09 (download)

Hotfix to patch the "DMA Queue and Block Change Optimize" resource to resolve more v-blank issues (mostly related to the growing pipe).
Version 1.10 (download)

Another big bugfix release, this time focusing on sprites. The Custom hammer bros all now have unique colors and the boomerang from the bro can now be spun on. The big firebar now has fixed graphics, and the piranha plants now use vanilla-style graphics. Additionally more UberASM objects got added, mainly for counter break and power up filtering.

See the full changelog for more details.
Version 1.11 (download)

Big update this time!

Over 20 new sprites were added to 1.11 either as requested by people or some other silly ones found in the section, so look for them in the sprite list. Additionally, some blocks were added or updated: the screen-scrolling pipes got another tile that removed held sprites, some camera control blocks were added as well as a single-use bounce block and key-locked doors.

Additional changes:
- all sprite display in LM was improved
- better organized sprites in the baserom's source code
- optimization code was contributed by spoonsss

See the included Changelog.txt for more details.

Note: for people thinking of updating to this version of the baserom on an existing project, a lot of the sprites numbers were shuffled so you might find your levels looking a little different.