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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Full Hack Releases - A new hack: EVERY LEVEL IGGY!
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Yes, that's right! I've actually completed a hack! It's only one world long, but I proudly present to you:

Starring Mario

Now, you may be wondering, why do I call this hack EVERY LEVEL IGGY!? Simple, really.

Because every level ends with Iggy Koopa! This hack was made for one purpose: To spite DarthRiko, because he tends to complain about Iggy Koopa being the first boss in most SMW hacks. That's right, Riko, this hack is for you! However, I wasn't pleased with the idea of just making every level lead to Iggy Koopa, so I instead made actual levels for the hack! I left them semi-incomplete. I say SEMI-incomplete because the levels should all feel like they're full-length, but I purposefully held back a few of my ending ideas. Because of the nature of this hack, I do not call it a joke hack. Rather, it is a Serious-Joke Hack, which I put a good bit of time into making the best I could. :D Let's get right to the good stuff, shall we?


Oh boy... Iggy
Koopa got into the
Chemistry set
again! He's made 6
clones of himself
and taken over an
island! Mario,
please stop him!

(Taken directly from the hack.)

There are a total of 7 levels in this hack, one of which is hidden, though it's a bit easy to get that secret exit due to how I set it up... But eh, who really cares? The hack isn't supposed to be difficult, just fun. :D

So, with that, let's get to some pics, shall we? :D

Welcome to Iggy's Island! It used to be a base for some notorious pirates (No, I am NOT making ANY sort of One Piece reference here.), but Iggy forced them out. BAD IGGY!

Mario hides from a Lakitu while plotting its demise in Iggy's Plains.

Mario gets attacked by some Super Koopas in Iggy's Forest!

Mario stares at the Podoboo jumping from the lava when he should be staring at the Yoshi Coin down there! This all happened in Iggy's Ruins.

Mario climbs a tall shaft with doors within Iggy's Haunt! Say, what's behind one of the doors...?

Ooohhh.... What's up there? Oh yeah, that's right- the ceiling. XD

Mario finds himself going for a swim in Iggy's Tower. Hmm, what's that message box say..?

Oh no! Mario can't break those when underwater! Hmm...maybe it's an exit?

Hey! What's this do?

!! What happened to all the water?

This is the puzzle of Iggy's Tower. You must go back and forth through pipes to switch between a wet and dry setting. There are places you can only reach when the area is flooded, and there are places you can only get to when it's drained. Switch!

Just beware the pits! They're empty and bottomless when flooded, but when the level is drained, the pits get filled with lava! And some lava pits even come with Podoboos! Oh NO!

A warning! Yellow pipes are only active while in the drained portion of the level, and when entered, shift you to the flooded portion. Blue ones are active while flooded, and send you to drained. Remember this well!

Finally, Mario takes a trek through Iggy's Cove in search of the REAL Iggy Koopa, who is hiding in here somewhere...

Deep within the water caves, Mario finds a predicament. Does he go up? Does he go right? It's up to you to help him decide!

Oh no... A dead-end... That message box over there alerts you to this, and tells you to go back. I mean, there's nothing up there...


Well, there you go, guys! Enjoy! Oh oops, I forgot some things...

1: In every level except the secret and last levels, there are exactly 5 Yoshi Coins for you to find! Search well!
2: Some levels get LONGER if you actually try to find all the Yoshi Coins!
3: Iggy's Tower's water puzzle has one little problem in it- The lava may cover up some items in pits! So try not to forget those items! We wouldn't want them to boil, now would we?
4: Having problems with the jumps over the bottomless pit in Iggy's Plains? Why not try your smallest jump possible? HINT: It can defeat enemies with a bang!

Before I give out the link, let me say the following:

Thanks to Quizler, Pozeal, and A Yoshi for beta-testing this hack for me! :D Their advice was welcomed and used to hopefully make the hack better!

Now, without further ado, the link:
Hack here at SMWC
Hack hosted at Mediafire, in case it gets deleted here. :P

Now enjoy, and don't complain about Iggy being in every level. :D

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
This makes me lol hard. /me goes to play it soon
So I hoped around Iggy's Forest. I found a pipe that went underwater, it kept the forest msuic though. But when I exited that secret room, I ended up here:

Then fell to my death.

So, you may wanna fix that.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Let Darth point out the bugs. {:)
Yes yes, FirePhoenix pointed that out to me, guys. I completely forgot that saving a level to C7 (or any level, for that matter) through Save Level to ROM repoints all secondary entrances to the new level. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. So here's the new version:

Again, my sincerest apologies.

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I'm eagerly anticipating EVERY LEVEL MORTON!

I'm a dirty heathen. Anyone have a Christian baby for me to eat?
Personally, I think I'd enjoy Every Level Ludwig the most, he was always the best Koopaling.

I have a hack thread - Link (Now with a demo!)
Also a music thread - Link

C3 Projects
2013: Modern Spiny Pack
2012: MGSS v0.1
Spring 2010: SMB2 Autobomb Sprite
I don't think you'll ever see them. This "hack" was done with a specific purpose in mind, and Matt wasn't trying to make a series when he did it.
i played through this and this was VERY entertaining. I couldn't help but laugh and cry and get mad at the castle all the way through. This was great, and I hope you make sequels to this. Or something entertaining like this :). Good job Matthew =D

I do LP's
you can pm me or click on the link below
Well, for a joke hack, that had some pretty decent level it was the best joke hack I've ever played. Gives me hope that your serious hacks will be even better. Anyway, I pass my crown to you :P.

Matthew I think you should make a vanilla/ small amount of custom stuff hack. Your level design is definitely good enough!
MatthewPZC, this is awesome. It's one of those hacks where the level design is simple, yet very fun to play, much like sunny side world or the first world of SDW:TLC. I congratulate you.

WaWeeGee:Why does everyone thing a all hacks need custom things?? yes, they are nice, but if you can make it work without it (like using good custom plalletes, which matt did here) then you don't really have to.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Originally posted by Carsr4carpeople1
WaWeeGee:Why does everyone thing a all hacks need custom things?? yes, they are nice, but if you can make it work without it (like using good custom plalletes, which matt did here) then you don't really have to.

Because they make hacks better? Guess what, TSRPR actually is better than TSRP.
I'm not suggesting Matt jump through hoops to get some pointless 200 song slots and OW custom sprites, but ExGFX and custom blocks would be pretty cool beans.
You know, I half-expected miniature Iggys to hatch of out the eggs at the end. It would have made for an amusing twist. Ah well. It was a decent mini-hack in any case.
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