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120hoSPC #10 ~ The Single Sample Super Show ~ Results!!!


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Samples! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em (like actually, you can't have a song without sound. john cage, begone). No matter what the medium is when creating aural delights for the soul, nothing says "effort" quite like decadent instrumentation and variety within the tones you enter into your workstation of choice. But what if variety didn't exist? Take a journey with me, and I will show you the wonderful world of flourishing under arbitrary limitations and creating cool things with only a single flat-head screwdriver in your toolbox.

Today, on the TIME Magazine nominated "Best tenth entry in the recurring SMW Central music contest" 120hoSPC #10...

Your challenge for 120hoSPC #10 is to port, remix or compose anything you'd like. However, you may only use one instrument - that is to say, only one BRR may be present within the song. The pitch modulation and noise commands are allowed, but otherwise you may not use any other sample than the one you've chosen.

For inspiration and/or a quick and easy example of what the restrictions for the challenge entail, consider the Synthesis compositions. You can use whatever sample you want, including a non-vanilla sample if you'd like! Go as wild as is permitted by the law, I won't stop you.

Contest Rules! (Bill Nye the Contest Guy)

  • Your submission must be compatible with AddmusicK 1.0.8.. If it can insert, it's eligible.
  • Automatic porting programs, such as SPCtoMML, are banned. However, converting with programs such as PetiteMM or it2amk is allowed; essentially, if you put effort into creating/modifying source files and/or the MML, and the resulting SPC is distinctly the result of your work, it's still eligible.
  • You may work with one other person for your entry. If you have collaborated with someone and your job was to submit, tell me who your partner was.
  • Send your submission to my PMs or on Discord (my tag is found in my profile) in a .zip, .rar or .7z archive. Your submission must contain your MML file, the generated SPC, and, if the sample is not vanilla, the .brr sample you used.
  • Do NOT reveal your submission in any capacity to other people until voting has ended and the results have been posted. Entries found to have been previously revealed to voting parties will be disqualified.
  • All entries should be created specifically for this contest, with any work having been done during the submission period. Honor system.

You have 120 hours to make your entry, which puts the deadline at Saturday, March 18, 2023, 8:30 PM GMT. After that, public voting shall begin for your wonderful entries, where your songs will be pitted against each other in the glorious Combat Arena where it will have the chance to earn praise, high standing and cool prizes (participation/ranking trophies). Finally, if you have any questions, ask me or post in this thread and I promise I'll respond to them.

Have fun! I hope you win!

I love music and musical compositions and musical things and musical concepts

Very excited to see what other people come up with for this. Hopefully I will not disappoint.
embed fail!!

Ding dong. Time is up, and submissions are now criminal and punishable by law, with a fine of up to $500 and 15 days in jail.

Welcome to the 120hoSPC #10 polling place! Here you will determine who lives and who dies. Each of these songs have been lovingly crafted, so vote on them with the utmost respect of the art form, and with the eye (ear?) for quality.

With that said, here are the entries!

castle jam
Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe
Dawn of an old era
Dream for Two
feng schui schematics
Soul Sanctum

And, of course, if you would prefer to download them all in one go, you can do so here!

Remember, you CANNOT vote if you are a participant. Everyone else, you must rank all the entries from best to worst. Top entry gets the most points (13), all the way down to 1 point for your least favorite entry. Your rankings should be based on the quality of the entries and nothing else, and not for arbitrary reasons (how it fits in SMW, who made it, or whether or not the file name is dumb). Comments aren't required, but idk i like reading them lol.

Voting will be open until Tuesday, March 21st, at 9:00 PM GMT. I hope you like creativity, because if you're listening to these songs expecting variety in music with ten million samples you're listening to the wrong album!
Aerial - super creative and a great song to boot

Two People in a Dream - thank you jesus for this music

Stranglehold - heart emoji

Soul Sanctum - wow i wonder who did this very pretty, though not as technically impressive as some of the other entries

Dawn of an old Era - very pleasant, though it doesn't do much to distinguish the different instruments and the mix suffers a lot because of it

feng schui schematics - solid. low-mids are kinda overpowering

oobe - decent sound, and some fun ideas in the composition, though i feel like there is something missing from the structure that makes it a bit hard to groove to when it's clearly trying to get me to groove to it. might be the percussion but it also kind of feels like the song is figuring itself out as it goes along.... or something. lol

I Never Saw Its Beauty - nice abuse of pitch, though the song itself doesn't interest me too much and gets a bit too cluttered for its own good at points

you can't know here - love the bold choice of sample and the sound design is great, although the song doesn't really go anywhere

Chaotic Rebirth of the Universe - i like the chaos, but the chords don't work very well harmonically with the bass and melody IMO so it kind of blends together

Castle Jam - not bad, but a bit basic. some of the melodies wander kind of aimlessly and are mixed too loud

Legendary Theme Remix - not really a fan of the sound in this one, a lot of awkward clusters/duplicated notes that are mildly unpleasant and i think the song would benefit immensely from some more care put into volume control and timing

Someone's Song - very messy and cluttered for only having 5 channels
0) Eschatos - Survive I had no idea someone would be able to cover a whole digitized song within the one-sample limit, yet here we are. The pitch modulation here really shines through and makes each lead combination sound convincingly different than the other. It's overall the greatest recipe for a powerful song.

1) Jeroen Tel - Stranglehold
The sound design and execution here is very well thought out, it really sounds like a whole other world here.

2) Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe
What an eyeear-opener the intro begins with, and the melody here doesn't know how while it
falls down a dozens of mountains and similiar areas with lots of amplitudal differences.
Super into chiptune design and the detail of pitch binding is very typical of tracked music.
My only complaint here is the sudden stop at 1:00, where the song suddenly stops and then obviously
goes into a different key without connection or interaction with each other (crossfades happen in various ways).

3) Winter Gold FX - Aerial
This sounds uncanilly close to it's source material on SNES,
and it's a favorite too if the sections were continued.

4) Jesus - Two People in a Dream
This cover reminds a lot of the RPG Tsukuru 1/2 soundtracks and would fit thematically,
with the modulated flute here sounding suspiciously similiar to the one used in the latter game.
It's a nice light cover to have sometimes.

5) I Never Saw Its Beauty
A really convincing technical presentation from the 90s, the sawtooth modulation can be very powerful to demonstrate new stages.

6) Radix - Feng Schui Schematics

7) Oobe
More electrical swing on the SNES with promising chords and movements, which doesn't
get done a lot here due to lack of a dedicated hardware swing meter within the current sound drivers.
It uses a lot of different leads and motives which may or may not always combine together,
and there are some sections that could benefit from syncopation, as the lead can sometimes
fall out of sync with the crowd (and vice versa).

8) David Newman - Dawn of an old era
Soulful orchestration here, the sine brings the score high into the skies.
The echo delay here is quite loud unfortunately, which makes certain sections
(particually ones with many notes) drown out in the reverb and harder to listen.

9) Someone's song
The opening here is super familiar and brings me back when fictional RPGs were starting to grow.
Mixing could be better and more varied with release, as the leads here get cutoff instantly.
I was also intending to submit a guitar song until it failed due to business and realizing that
certain registers would drown out within the same waveform as it fails to shape the tune properly.

10) Gitaroo Man - Legendary
The second guitar tune of the contest. While it's more detailed, you can still hear
a lot of overlapping notes here due to lack of panning and effect differences
which makes the performance here less convincing (even compared to 10).

11) Stronghold - Castle Jam
It's a fairly musical tune, which is as much as I can hear in this cover.
Not to be confused here with Stranglehold.

12) You Can't Know Here
Way to using a reverbed bass drum as the only sample in the song. I kinda wish it was developed more,
as the reverb tail could lead to an atmospheric backend sound if factored in with it's combinations.

13) Hollow Knight - Soul Sanctum
I'm really not a fan of long organ pieces, and this cover seems to a direct adaption
with static instruments and lack of any of it's pedal effects, making it a rather uneasy journey.
aerial - Great Sound
Dream for Two - The sound is delicate but beautiful
Soul Sanctum - The organ itself is a beautiful instrument
Strangehold - very pretty
Dawn of an old Era - good
feng schui schematics - Nice
oobe - Great song
you can't know here - Looks like it blew a good sound
Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe - on average
Castle Jam - not bad
Legendary - calm and good
I Never Saw Its Beauty - not bad just a little noisy
Someone's Song - good

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
I've included some notes as a general guideline and also put in some author guesses.

oobe: A
So @1 but it's used to play notes in rapid succession in addition to more traditional uses of a violin, in addition to using them for toms/bass drums and fret bass.
Groovy it is for sure, I can imagine this playing in some disco or late night scene.
The noise also doesn't feel annoying.
Guess: bebn legg

castle jam: A
It's a flute but at lower octaves with or with the right ADSR it also sounds a bit like an organ, an "ohhh" voice or even some bowed double bass.
The background melody is kind of repetitive and it takes a while until the main melody plays but once it gets there, it truly shines through.
I only truly consider the cymbals to be a true weakpoint. There also are some notable disharmony at 1:30. No idea if this is intentional or something but still something which reconsidered my placement.

aerial: B
Damn, it's quite cool how distinct the sine/triangle sounds here, using it as a form of organ/overdriven guitar, a bass and toms/bass drums and naturally combining with pitch modulation.
Definitively a catchy melody you have chosen, though it also gets a bit repetitive.

feng schui schematics: B
@0, I can hear that, though it's mostly used as a plucked instrument in addition of a woodwind instrument. I really like the bass with the pitch modulation as it really sounds like a (synthetic) guitar.
Overall, there is a nice melody, I especially like the build up at the intro and despite repeating the music, it doesn't sound too repetitive.
However, there are some weird notes which may be from the original but also made this track sound weird.

Dream for Two: B
At least the intro sounds a bit like SMW's game over theme, not just in the instrumentation (@13) but also in the melody itself, though given how this one is from a different game, that one is more of a coincidence. Cool use of pitch modulation to make it sound like an oboe, btw.
It's certainly a catchy melody, though the noise feels a bit too strong and drowns out the rest of the melody a bit.
Guess: Pinci

Stranglehold: B
Sine waves in form of a chromatic percussion, a flute, a bass guitar, bongos/wood blocks and bass drum. I really like how the sustained sine waves harmonise pretty nicely for the background melody.
It's definitively a mysterious track though it also tends to be rather monotonous which makes the finisher feel rather sudden as I expected it to loop. The melody is still quite nice, though.

Dawn of an old era: C
I think this is something of a sine wave or an actual flute, right? I think the higher notes are supposed to be pianos, aren't they? In some ways, this is also true for the lower notes but are lacking the punch of a piano, making it more think of a bass guitar than anything. It also comes in for mid-octave plucked strings.
In general, I feel like this may have sound better if there were some variations in the samples (I know, contest rules but still) and the lead instrument on the higher octaves also makes it rather annoying in some ways. I don't think the melody itself was too bad, though.
In addition, the echo is fairly strong which has ruined it a bit and would have toned down the delay or feedback a bit. The lack FIR filter may also ruin it slightly.

120hoSPC10INeverSawItsBeauty.spc: C
This sounds like something which would play in a space shoot-em-up given that the instrumentation is made out of sawtooth only. Said sawtooth comes in many forms, mostly with a flat envelope but also sometimes as a piano or guitar. I really like the idea of placing the same notes on two different channels except one has legato enabled and the other doesn't which may have given it some identity.
It's chaotic but also in a good way which is what gave it me feels for somewhere in space. Though past the intro (with a hard transition), there isn't that much variation which is a major weakpoint and pushed it out of B tier.

Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe: C
Oh, SMW's @1. It actually sounds pretty good as a bass drum/tom given that normally, @0, a sine wave is used.
It's... not the best, to be honest. In particular, the bass and percussion gets rather annoying. Then again, "Chaotic" is right in the name.
However, my biggest gripe with it is that the music doesn't truly finishes and it would have been better if it didn't loop.
It really ruined the climax effect as the track did build up before ending off only for it to turn to build up even further.
Guess: Daizo Dee Von

Legendary: C
A guitar solo, huh? Actually, no, the samples are sometimes used for bowed strings.
It has a rather slow buildup, tbh, and it doesn't help that the background melody sounds rather repetitive. Adding some dynamics might have helped it out a bit.
It still manages to sound pretty sound, though, and salvaged it from being placed D-tier.

Soul Sanctum: D
Instrumentation wise, that's an easy port as it's an organ solo, the only way to enhance it any further is by using different samples.
I will admit that it's a fairly simple song as there isn't that much variation in there: Some main melody with short notes and long outside of the one or another dynamic and some other variation in the lead. It may work in the game but for pure listening like here... nah.
Guess: Maxodex

someones_song: D
A simple solo with a guitar, harpsichord or w/e is plucked.
Honestly, this is fairly generic, as there are no variations in the instrument whatsoever outside of panning and volume and it's also a very short piece so there isn't that much variation either outside of a small climax before the loop.

YouCantKnowHere: D
Okay, that's some real sampling stuff you have as the sample you have chosen sounds like some heartbeat at low octaves, wind at sustaind notes mid-octaves and higher up like a cow bell or snare.
Unfortunately, there isn't that much which makes it in fact my least favourite out of all.

Eschatos - Survive: N
Unfortunately, I couldn't listen to it (since it has been removed from this list after last night) behind the initial listening (which I didn't judge) so N for "nil".
1. Jesus: Kyoufu no Bio-Monster - Two People in a Dream: They don't make real music like this anymore 😤😤 (13)

2. feng schui schematics: Vibing Music™ (12)

3. Strangehold: lol I actually know this song. Wacky. Good port, very faithful to the original. (11)

4. oobe: Not bad. Gives me Jazz Jackrabbit vibes, just with less slap bass. (10)

5. Winter Gold FX - Aerial: Not much to say about this other than the fact that it's very funky. I like it. (9)

6. You Can't Know Here: This is actually pretty neat. Very atmospheric. Only complaint is that it feels like it's constantly building up to something that never happens. (8)

7. Stronghold - Castle Jam: Very long but nice to have on in the background. Might be a bit too simplistic. (7)

8. Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe: Sounds alright to me. Frantic, but in a good way. (6)

9. Dawn of an Old Era: Agree with sincx. Doesn't sound awful but a lot of the sounds kind of blend together. (5)

10. Gitaroo Man - Legendary Theme Remix: I don't exactly have a trained ear but this doesn't sound right to me. Feel like there are a lot of off-key notes. (4)

11. I Never Saw Its Beauty: Sounds neat at first but gets grating quickly. (3)

12. Hollow Knight - Soul Sanctum: Gonna have to agree with the others. Can't get on with long organ pieces like this, they just start to sound like noise after a while. Not poorly made, though. (2)

13. Someone's Song: Not terrible but not exactly pleasant to listen to either. Very loud and repetitive. (1)
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1. aerial
2. 120hoSPC10INeverSawItsBeauty
3. Dream for Two
4. Dawn of an old era
5. Stranglehold
6. oobe
7. Soul Sanctum
8. Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe
9. feng schui schematics
10. YouCantKnowHere
11. Legendary
12. castle jam
13. someones_song

1. aerial (13)
2. Stranglehold (12)
3. Soul Sanctum (11)
4. Dream for Two (10)
5. oobe (9)
6. castle jam (8)
7. feng schui schematics (7)
8. YouCantKnowHere (6)
9. Dawn of an old era (5)
10. Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe (4)
11. Legendary (3)
12. someones_song (2)
13. 120hoSPC10INeverSawItsBeauty (1)
1. Two People in a Dream: Damn, I didn't know Jesus made Smooth Jazz in his spare time; sounds pretty solid, I'd like to hear an album of this please

Anyway, pretty nice stuff, pitch modulation sounds very good here, honestly was sure I was hearing more than one sample here haha

2. Aerial: Why is this second place you ask? Jeroen Tel banger

Anyway, this slaps honestly, kinda like what you did with Channel 1 and 2 there, surprisingly very good way to get some noise+tri sounding drums on the SNES lol

3. feng schui schematics: Pretty chill tune; kinda liking how a lot of people went with more ambient stuff for this particular tourney btw, no doubt cuz of the limitations, but still, definitely enjoy this approach a lot and honestly would've probably been what I would've chosen if I wanted to do something for this (or just some solo piano stuff, I dunno)

4. oobe: Pretty good swing (chip)tune, but honestly I really wished the percussion was more pronounced here, since it really makes this swing so much less than it could otherwise; tbf tho, I guess there isn't much you could've done considering the circumstances, so oh well, it is what it is

5. Dawn of an old Era: Pretty nice chill ambient stuff as well, and in fact I actually like how the mixing is here since it really helps with the ambient vibes here; honestly I would've ranked this higher, but I guess the other tracks are just a bit more appealing to me, even if I still like this quite a bit. sorry #smrpg{ohno}

6. Stranglehold: Yet another nice chill tune, except in this one I feel like the fact this is just a sine wave actually makes the mixing work so much less effectively here, especially with the lower octave parts, since it sounds so low that you can barely hear it at all lol

7. I Never Saw It's Beauty: Very nice sounding, especially for this only being a pulse wave sound; actually reminds me of this one composition I heard somewhere that had a very similar quality to it, though I don't remember the name of it at this point in time; I'll try and see if I can check it out later

8. Legendary: Nice acoustic guitar-only tune, though honestly considering how terrible acoustic guitar samples tend to sound on the SNES, it definitely sounds much worse than it could have; I like how you did the chords tho, by changing the ADSR like that, sounds surprisingly convincing considering what sample this is supposed to be lol

9. Soul Sanctum: Pretty cool menacing Ganondorf-from-Zelda-OOT sounding organ tune honestly; too bad it doesn't sound too interesting on it's own tho, like it sounds great as anticipation music, like something you'd hear before a boss or a big moment in general, but not so much as actual music if that makes any sense

10. You Can't Know Here: Really liking the choice of sample here, especially the windy overtones, gives off a very menacing vibe; again tho, this sounds great as something for a cutscene that plays in a big moment, but not so much as music you can vibe to outside of a context like that I guess

11. Castle Jam: This sounds fine, but a bit too basic and boring for my liking; though I kinda disagree with the melody being too aimless here, it actually sounds fairly easy to follow, though actually it might be a bit too easy, which doesn't help with making this sound any less basic LOL

12. Someone's Song: Again, this sounds fine, but honestly this just feels like nothing to me really

13. Chaotic Rebirth of the Universe: Is this the same person who did that fuckin' Marathon Fight track in the last Super Famicompo that I absolutely hated due to how long and annoying it sounded???? Because if it isn't then it sure as hell smells like it LOL

Like, the melody here just sounds way too damn hard for me to get a grip on, and in general it just feels like it's randomly generated due to that, though I guess it's at least better to get a grasp on than that other entry, but yeah, the fast tempo and the crazy unwieldy melody just makes this sound annoying to me

(also before anyone says "well, that's the point of the track" just because the title says so, well, there are obviously much better and frankly more interesting ways to get more of a chaotic feeling, and to me this doesn't feel like that at all, just feels kinda badly composed and the title was just there as an excuse honestly; dunno if I'm being too negative here, but fuck it, this is what I feel, plain and simple)
1. Dawn of an old era
2. Dream for Two
3. oobe
4. aerial
5. feng schui schematics
6. Stranglehold
7. Legendary
8. Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe
9. Soul Sanctum
10. castle jam
11. 120hoSPC10INeverSawItsBeauty
12. someones_song
13. YouCantKnowHere

Good luck to the porters and composers! Lots of good stuff here overall.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Feng schui schematics
Soul Sanctum
Dawn of an Old Era
Chaotic Rebirth of the Universe
You Can’t Know Here
Dream for Two
Someone’s Song
Castle Jam
I'm not a doctor.

We did it folks. We laughed, we cried, we felt solemn feelings during the arc where I fucked things up multiple times throughout the voting period and hoped to god no one noticed but like at least three people noticed and everyone's talking about it and laughing at me about it. But here we are, at the precipice of greatness, waiting to see who will be crowned Exalted SPC Master #10.

Without further ado, allow me to congratulate everyone on a job well done, entering such a high stakes contest is no easy feat. I mean, look at me, I didn't enter. You already outshined me in every which way! But, there can only be thirteen possible winners, so allow me to introduce...

In third place, with a powerful 99 points, sits Stranglehold by the illustrious  Fyre150!
Wow! I can't believe you know Jeroen Tel in real life.

Man, that's crazy. I wonder who took second place.
Taking second place, with a shocking 106 points, it's the one and only Dream for Two by the handsome  icrawfish!!
Who would have guessed that they named the space station after Jesus?

Last but not least, we present our Number One Winner To Rule Them All, The Executive Master Of The SPC Universe For All Time Until The Next One...

On top of the scoreboard with an apocalyptic 118 points, here comes aerial by the winner  Teows!!!
Wow! I can't believe you also know Jeroen Tel in real life.

Do you fancy the full scoreboard? Boy, is this spoiler section for you.

 Teows - aerial - 116 points
 icrawfish - Dream for Two - 108 points
 Fyre150 - Stranglehold - 99 points
Dippy - feng schui schematics - 90 points
 bebn legg - oobe - 88 points
 Ahrion - Dawn of an old era - 81 points
drspork - Soul Sanctum - 65 points
 KungFuFurby - 120hoSPC10INeverSawItsBeauty - 60 points
 Segment1Zone2 - Chaotic Rebirth Of The Universe - 56 points
Dzing - castle jam - 47 points
Daizo Dee Von - YouCantKnowHere - 42 points
 StayAtHomeStegosaurus - Legendary - 38 points
Paperdomo101 - someones_song - 20 points

And that's it for this episode of 120hoSPC. Your trophies will be in the mail within 3-5 business days. Thank you so so so much for participating! See you next time! And remember our 120hoSPC motto:

made u look lmao 😂🤣💯🚬🍇
Originally posted by Ultima
7. I Never Saw It's Beauty: Very nice sounding, especially for this only being a pulse wave sound; actually reminds me of this one composition I heard somewhere that had a very similar quality to it, though I don't remember the name of it at this point in time; I'll try and see if I can check it out later

Was it I Came I Saw by me? Interestingly enough, I used the exact same saw wave sample (but due to SNESMod's limitations I had to use a duplicate inverted BRR sample instead), and I was tempted to port this song over, but I did not do so for ethnical and technical reasons: the ethical reason being it's my own song from a different sound driver, and the technical reason being because it has a partial dependency on an inconsistency on SNESMod's timing of its utilization of the KON DSP register not being done for every channel at once.

I ended up submitting a new song instead, and didn't get very far with it, but submitted it anyways. It was also partially thwarted by technical problems on looping because it relies on a one tick offset, and that... didn't go too well with the internal phrase structure.
Originally posted by KungFuFurby
Originally posted by Ultima
7. I Never Saw It's Beauty: Very nice sounding, especially for this only being a pulse wave sound; actually reminds me of this one composition I heard somewhere that had a very similar quality to it, though I don't remember the name of it at this point in time; I'll try and see if I can check it out later

Was it I Came I Saw by me? Interestingly enough, I used the exact same saw wave sample (but due to SNESMod's limitations I had to use a duplicate inverted BRR sample instead), and I was tempted to port this song over, but I did not do so for ethnical and technical reasons: the ethical reason being it's my own song from a different sound driver, and the technical reason being because it has a partial dependency on an inconsistency on SNESMod's timing of its utilization of the KON DSP register not being done for every channel at once.

I ended up submitting a new song instead, and didn't get very far with it, but submitted it anyways. It was also partially thwarted by technical problems on looping because it relies on a one tick offset, and that... didn't go too well with the internal phrase structure.

Actually yes, it was LOL; I wasn't actually aware that it was you that made this submission (thought that one was Ahrion for some reason; dunno why), but now that I know that it was you the similarities are a hell of a lot more obvious haha
Not long enough, got it. I kinda made my thing very quick after pondering what to do for the first 4 days so all I could submit was just a short lil thing (fitting of a title screen).
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(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Congratulations to Teows, a well-deserved first place!
I'm a bit annoyed with my submission because I didn't have as much time as I wanted and couldn't finish it completely. At first, I wasn't sure if I should even submit the port, but ultimately decided to do it. Originally, I had planned to port a second song, also using a sinus sample + noise, which would have also served as a kick, as Tim Follin often did (it might have been "Game Corner" from Pokemon Gold/Silver). I've now uploaded a slightly modified version of Dawn of an old Era.

In any case, it was an interesting contest for me because I rarely do unsampled ports and it felt a bit like that.
This was a really unique challenge and so many great entries came out of it, so I'm beyond grateful!!! Congrats everyone who entered #w{<3}

[happy jeroen tel noise]
Congrats to  Teows who won 1st place, 2nd and 3rd too, this single sample competition is quite tough!

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