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Anorakun's Stash of Resources


This thread aims to gather graphics, resources and stuff that I can't release normally. For one reason or another, I can't upload these resources directly to the site. Some C3 stuff shall be familiar to you and I happy to announce I finally got a definitive place for them.

Originally posted by  Anorakun at C3 2022 Summer

Mega Man 6 - Shigaraky

While I was updating my QLDC level, I wanted to update the Shigaraky graphics to something more Super Mario World styled. So, I asked my floppa talented friend Dark Prince to draw it and the results are fantastic. It uses the default vanilla palette masterfully. I planned to make exclusive to my hack, but why not share it with you?

I also included SA-1 compatible versions with it, since the sprite that Roberto coded originally only worked on Lorom / Fastrom.

The only reason I'm not posting it in the Graphics Section, is because this sprite is not in the Sprites Section. It was showcased in one of Roberto's C3 Thread.

If anyone plans to use it, please credit Dark Prince for making these graphics and Roberto zampari for creating this amazing sprite.


Fire Ninji Pack

Please do not mind this very beautiful Vivian sprite, I recorded this gif in a graphic moderation rom. You can find the player sprite in the Graphics Section.

This is something I added in a later update of my first hack. These ninjis can't be defeated with jumps, instead, they will hurt Mario even if he tries to spin on them. Clearly inspired in the Hot Dinos from YUMP 2. Of course, you can still defeat them with a carryable sprite or a bounce block if you change the cfg files.

This modification was made by  Donut, who I can't thank enough for helping me with some ASM stuff. The modified resources are:

- Ninji disassembly made by  imamelia;
- Upside-Down Ninji made by ShadowMistressYuko;
- Sideways Ninji made by  RussianMan;

I just added some edited No Body the Dragon graphics over them and the flashing palette animation.

Please credit Donut, EternityLarva, imamelia and RussianMan if you plan to use them in your hacks. If you want to know how to configure each Ninji, check the ASM files. It's the same thing as the sprites hosted in the site, the only difference is that jumps can't defeat these pesky ninjis.


Now for some resources I never released anywhere at all.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius (SNES) - Temple Lord (HDMA Gradient)

Hey there! You can have this neat HDMA gradient, which I personally find quite beautiful. This may look familiar, right? It is because it has appeared in my hack: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest.

Someday in the future, I might release the foreground and background in this thread.


Super Mario World - Castle Windows (Layer 2 (background) Conversion)

Yeah, I know that I wrote this rejection log and I was a bit hesitant to reject this graphic. Also, my apologies to my friend Natsuz2 about that.

As it turns out, a friend of mine really NEEDED a layer 2 conversion of this layer 3 background, so I ripped, as niche as it may be. It is hosted on my filebin, like all the other stuff shared here.

I won't be releasing this on the Graphics Section due to the reasons I explained in the rejection log, but anyway, it is now yours in case you want to use it in your hack with layer 3 stuff.


That should be it for now. When I have more free time, I plan to update this thread. See you later!

Cuccos in your SMW Hack, ready to cause trouble and make the player panick!

As I mentioned previously, these cuccos were drawn by No Body the Dragon and then, I asked my friend Dark Prince to give them some shading. The results are fantastic and they don't even need a custom palette. Due to certain reasons, I can't host the asm and cfg file that make them act like a cucco in the Graphics Section, so I thought of sharing them here.

What this modified asm file of the Stalking Goomba sprite made by Erik does? Remove the wing gfx routine to avoid incompatibility with winged sprites. The cfg just makes them immune to normal and spin jumps. You could additionally make them immune to other sprites. I'm not sure of how making them immune to explosions.

The background seen in the screenshots will be released in the Graphics Section very soon.

Here is the download link

If you are using it, make sure to credit Erik, No Body The Dragon (NBTD) and Dark Prince.
Hi there, and sorry, I've been quite bad at keeping this thread updated. Anyway, I came here once again, but to archive some C3 stuff that is not directly available in the site, which is :

Originally posted by "C3 Winter 2024"

Vania's Castle Party of Modified Fun Resources

Now, I'm about to share some slightly modified resources.

Most of these are graphic releases, but some of them have small asm modifications to certain sprites, so they are much more fun to use. So, let's quack and jam, my dudes. #smrpg{sick}

Hot Grinders

First, I would like to introduce you to the Hot Grinders! Watch out, they are so hot that can't be slidekilled or spinjumped at all. I altered their base speed a bit to make them much more fun. Graphics are by NBTD, I just have modified them to be easier to use palette exanimation on it. Special thanks to  Fernap for helping me figure out how enable this behavior without relying on the spinpick patch.

They're based on Hot Dinos from YUMP 2. And the Hot Ninjis from Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest ~ Director's Cut.

I edited Iceguy's Non-Line-Guided Grinder disassembly to make these fun things.

Check my hack out if you've missed it.

Angry / Axe Dry Bones (Dry Bones, Throw Bones in Arc)

This is a minor customization of  RussianMan 's Dry Bones, Throws Bones in Arc. You may recognize them because of my infamous MGL4 Level: Castlevania Dracula X Featuring Marisa Kirisame. raocow even enjoyed it quite a bit, unfortunately, a lot of folks were a bit intimidated by fun dry bones.

Unlike these ones showcased in the video, I nerfed their aggressiveness quite a bit. These Axe Dry Bones are playing a lot of Castlevania, they won't stop much before throwing three axes in a row, making them really nasty enemies.

They reappeared in Boxman Tano and I've made more changes, so they are less agressives than the ones in my MAGL4 level. Very menacing sprite, right?

Boomerang Dry Bones

This is a minor customization of  RussianMan's Boomerang Dry Bones.

These were also used in my MAGL4 level and Boxman Tano. They used to throw boomerang relentlessly, but I needed to nerf them for obvious reasons. One of them being using them in FastRom and the fact that it would scare Daizo Dee Von from playing my stuff in TANO.

I've modified their bone extended sprite to be thrown in a straight line, much like the Castlevania boomerang. Very fun sprite but a bit harder to use, since forcing player movement can be hard with them.

For obvious reasons, please copy only the modifications I've made, and use the current boomerang bone extended sprite. There was some weird oversight in the old boomerang bone sprite, which  Sonikku fixed in the latest update.

Knife Charles Gunner

uh, don't ask me why the gif is with glitchy visuals. lol.

This is a really small modification of  RussianMan's Gunnin' Chuck sprite, which can be found in this thread here!

Now it's possible to channel your inner Dio Brando. With this knife rain, any plumber will be scared or frozen in time. Hahahaha. Main inspiration is the knife subweapon, from Castlevania (obvious).

I've modified this Bullet Bill disassembly from  imamelia to make these knives. Not only they hurt Mario, you can't spinjump on them. Making them much more dangerous than a baseball.

I've used Super Mario World's default palette to shade the knife handle. This is just a edit from the original game by yours truly.

Holy Charles

This is  RussianMan's Puntin Chuck that throws explosives, which can be found in this thread here!

Compared to the other resources, I've only modified the graphics of the football.

Charles has become a religious person, so they decided to use their divine vocation to purify unlucky foes. And it just happened to be Mario. These Holy Waters sure pack a punch and would be a great reskin to differentiate them from normal footballs.

And the best part of it? You can have fun with these slightly modified resources too. They're ready from the box to be used. Might require a few modifications, depending on what you want to use them with it, but nothing too hard of adjusting.


So I hope you enjoy my silly graphics and small ASM modifications. I'm here to showcase how much can be done by just altering existing resources and trying to understand a small bit of ASM. Please credit the folks who made these resources, not only me because I did the graphics and small tweaks.

For ASM folks, please credit RussianMan, Fernap, imamelia, Sonikku (for fixing the boomerang in the recent version) and Iceguy. For graphics, NBTD and yours truly. I hope people can have fun with these fun little things I've modified. #smrpg{sick}

Please properly credit people if using any resource of this big pack, thanks.

I might bring more stuff to this thread very soon.
Very nice stuff (I'm wondering why this thread don't have an ASM tag for the custom sprites).

Anyways, a cool way of release this radical stuff (also, giving me a pair of facepalms, because I tried encouragerously recreating thoses sprites from Boxman Tano myself #smrpg{ohno},) Hahaha #tb{^V^}

Hope that someday I release some of my converted sprites and other stuff in a future thread like this one! (Because I'm sad for miss this C3 because real life occupations) :(

Yours GFX are truly awesome  Anorakun