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New Kaizo World 1 The 9 Magic Levels v1.01 by Royal Nico TS

File Name: New Kaizo World 1 The 9 Magic Levels v1.01
Submitted: by Royal Nico TS
Authors: Royal Nico TS
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
I must reject this hack because it contains a lot of issues I'll give details about issues that I found on each level.

The first notable issue in this level is that the timer isn't being displayed correctly. I'm guessing this hack uses a sprite timer, and this level has probably set a FFF (or something else major than 999 seconds).

As you can see, there's a clock tile in the timer.

Regarding the level design, this level has a lot of coins that are not necessary, given that all the required maneuvers are super easy to execute.

There are some maneuvers that can be easily skippable, e.g. you can get here carrying the blue shell.

Later, you can skip the two non line guided grinders by doing a shell jump with full p-speed. Beating this level is pointless because next level right ahead is just the same one. You achieve nothing beating the level again.


This level has a ton of enemies that are not necessary to reach next obstacles. In kaizo typically you need to use all the elements at full extent. Then once you get the yoshi and blue shell, you can skip everything simply by flying. You can even reach the goal tape keeping the blue shell in yoshi's mouth, or either using the disco which is right next to the bunch of shelless blue koopas. You need to check the amount of sprites you need to use to pass different segments.

This level has some map16 tiles acting as non-solid objects, e.g. here you have these edges that are non-solid and the dirt is acting as hurting tiles, which is totally misleading.

Also make sure to check what corner tiles you're putting. These are wrong here:

Then, in this obstacle the camera doesn't scroll up enough. This is not a big deal in this particular setup but you need to ensure the player can see what's next, and what's above them. Using the outlined invisible block doesn't help at all.

Once again, this level has a ton of enemies that are not necessary to use. You can pass through obstacles and reach next areas without jumping off bunch of the shelless koopas.

#1 BLODDY CASTLE: (typo in the level name, I don't know if it was intentional).

The midair shelljump doesn't make any sense here. I suggest to remove it. Here you have lava tiles that act as water for Mario (and as lava for sprites), you need to make sure to put both tiles (4 and 5 in map16) to make lava work correctly, otherwise Mario will be able to swim in these.

Here you can simply jump with a little regrab, making that one-tile section pointless.



In this level you can accidentally kill the magikoopa magic by trying to spinjump on them using the cape. I suggest to replace those sprites with something else you can't cape kill.

You can skip the whole second half by flying over the level.

Side note, whenever you put the goal tape, you need to place it at the bottom of the tape. Also in this level the candles have the wrong tileset.


This level doesn't have any sprites, but it has map16 edits such as munchers acting as cements and invisible solid tiles (white rectangle in the image). I suggest to not using invisible objects such as columns or ceiling (I'm not talking about kaizo blocks).


The level starts with an empty message box.

This koopa inside the turnblock sprite doesn't have any purpose here, it doesn't hurt you and you can't even hit the koopa.

The shell jump at the end can be easily skippable with a simple jump.

The big boo fight was pretty trivial.


This level has a ton of lag when it starts because of the spotlight sprite and the amount of shelless koopa in the first two screens.

Once again, a ton of enemies you don't need to use to reach the next segment of the level. Here you can jump off of a single koopa and reach the next shell jump area.

After the bullet ride, there's a football with any purpose and then long hallway to reach the boss door. Side note right in front of the door there's a couple barely visible munchers (that have the same background palette).

The final boss is just vanilla bowser with some garbled tiles where the timer is originally located (assuming this is happening because of the sprite timer).

Regarding the overworld: this game uses Yoshi's Island, Main World, Star Road and Valley of Bowser maps, with simple edits, which goes against our core values. Creators must create overworlds from scratch.

Side note: once you get the last world, you can't go anywhere, not even going back to the star road, softlocking the player.

Overall: good attempt but I strongly recommend to look for a couple external testers (external to your inner circle), there are a ton of people that can happily would give feedback and guidance in order to make an acceptable hack, but in its current state this hack can't be hosted in the site. There's a discord server that serves as a Kaizo hack playtesting and general help source, feel free to join and ask for help:
File Name: New Kaizo World 1 The 9 Magic Levels v1.1
Submitted: by Royal Nico TS
Authors: Royal Nico TS
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: First Hack LMAO
This version has some fixes compared to the previous one that was rejected but they are simply small edits and still has some issues regarding obstacles functionality, along with breaking some of our core values, especially regarding level design, consistent visual language (palettes).

This comment on the hack page summarizes pretty well all the issues this hack (still) has:

Originally posted by blueribbonhighlife
Between the cutoff, bonus room softlock in the green switch, damageless munchers, no save on "dino's island 1", disappearing sprites (esp in bloddy castle), and unedited donut plains in "star road" slot, I am confused if this was tested before submission. Also I only got 8 exits?

This probably could use a bit more playtesting before submission imo! Some fun ideas in process though

Additionally, despite it has an edited overworld, it is evidently a blatant edit of Yoshi's Island submap.

I strongly recommend to get external testing for this hack, in order to have the best version of it, otherwise in this state it cannot be accepted.