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SMW2+2: Second Quest: Provisional Final Release

HackWork in Progress

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I’ve considered changing the name of this hack to “SMW2+2: Second Quest”, since I feel it’s comparable to a hard mode that’s unlocked when beating a game. Thoughts?
Sounds good to me. Definitely a fitting name.
World 4 demo is here!

This contains all remade levels for World 4 plus a BRAND NEW Extra 4. Also includes fixes for World 3 based on racknae's feedback.

With that, we're in the home stretch. One more world to go.
Finally got around to playing world 4. Not as many notes this time around. The chomp rock in Secret 4 is really cool! I've never seen one used like that before.

If you load in the falling wall, the hot lips appear in front of the lava.

Aren't the layer 3 clouds in this room supposed to appear in front of layer 2?
Also, you can climb back up using the gusties. Up to you if you want to fix that.

It's really easy for the switch from the boo balloon here to fall into one of the little gaps in the middle. I'm assuming that was intended to be part of the challenge here, but it's a bit wonky due to how the boo balloon moves when you hit it. It took me about 5 attempts, and I had to backtrack for eggs each time.

Move this gate down a block. It can accidentally destroy your egg from the side in its current position.

Yoshi can push this crate from below for some reason.

Also, it would be nice if there was some way for me to kill Yoshi at the end of 4-E. I got to the goal without enough stars and had to restart the level (though I opted to rewind instead).
Thanks for the feedback. Glad there weren't as many bugs this time around.

World 5 is nearing completion, although progress has slowed down a bit since I've started my new job. Will resume soon enough.
And just like that, all levels of SMW2+2: Second Quest are now complete!

World 5's levels are now complete including a BRAND NEW Extra 5. Note, did things a little differently for World 5. I really liked the original hack's Extra and Secret 5 and didn't want to replace either. So I moved the original Extra 5 (Castle Of Giants) to 5-5 (replacing Volcanic Panic), and now we have a brand new level in Extra 5's place.

With that, here is the provisional final release.

Download Provisional Final Release

This isn't planned to be the ultimate final release just yet as I'm open to more testing and feedback. Once things look to be in good shape, I'll officially submit the hack.

Note, title screen remains unedited. Unless someone would be kind enough to create new title screen graphics, they will likely remain the same as the original hack.
Played through the first 3 stages. Some stuff I noticed:

The chomp rock here disappears sometimes (sprite limit being hit, most likely)

The fish in the 5-2 bonus room have glitched graphics.

Squishable bridge here failed to spawn. This room in general has a lot of issues with stuff despawning.

Missed a single red coin in both 5-1 and 5-3,. Don't know if I just missed something somewhere or if something didn't spawn. I haven't replayed the levels yet.

Re: the title screen - I'm actually working on a tutorial for this. I could probably create one for you if you're interested. (Speaking of graphics, will you be editing any of the level icons?)
Thanks will make fixes.

I didn't have any plans to edit the level icons at the moment.

Yea title screen tutorial sounds good.
Was able to find the red coin I was missing in 5-3. Combed through all of 5-1 again and have no clue where I could have missed a red coin. Same with 5-4.

What is this? I broke this block and there's nothing here.

Sprite limits again.

It'd be nice to have an egg source up here. Backtracking for them is really annoying.

The mole room in 5-6 could probably use some little indents to duck into to avoid Kamek. Right now you kind of just have to get hit by him repeatedly in the horizontal stretches.

Missed a flower somewhere in 5-8. Still need to replay it.
Losing my mind a bit. I've replayed 5-1, 5-4 and 5-8 several times and explored them exhaustively and I have absolutely zero clue where I could possibly be missing collectibles in each of them. I'm genuinely contemplating checking these levels in the editor just to make sure that the items I'm missing actually exist.

EDIT: Ended up checking the levels in Golden Egg. Turns out I was pretty close on two of them, which is a little frustrating.

I didn't even consider that there could be a
here. Maybe extend the wall down a bit to make it more apparent?

Apparently there's a block right above this flashing egg off screen - get rid of that. I shouldn't have to lick multiple times to reveal the egg here.
I tried licking once, didn't notice anything happen, and assumed that wasn't the solution.

Hidden cloud placement here is pretty BS. I tried pushing the rock as fast as I could on my previous attempts and still couldn't manage to hit it.

Also, Yoshi can fall through this platform if he runs off the left side of the log bridge, which really does not look like it should happen. (The chomp rock falls through here too)

Going to check out 5-E and 5-S later.
Alright, will make some more adjustments.
Played 5-E and 5-S a little while ago and realized I forgot to make a post.

Re: title screen tutorial, it's close to being done, but I still need to design a title screen graphic for it. I'll let you know when I post the guide.
Thanks will fix those up. And thanks for the title screen help.
FYI, provisional final release patch has been updated with numerous fixes. Same link as above.
eh I'll just wait for the "official" non-provisional final release to show up in the YI hacks section and get that one instead.

everything here so far seems to be good
Originally posted by erpster2
eh I'll just wait for the "official" non-provisional final release to show up in the YI hacks section and get that one instead.

everything here so far seems to be good

I mean I don't anticipate any major changes between the current version and the final version that will be uploaded to the site, but suit yourself.
well I did eventually find your game posted here in the "waiting YI hacks" section (looks like it's been there for almost 6 months now in that waiting section and hasn't been transferred to the official/moderated section yet)
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HackWork in Progress