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Winter C3 2023 Requests: The Rest


As you may know, I have not fulfilled all of the requests from my sprite requests thread during C3, promising to finish them some time in the future (trade mark). Well, they are finally here, performing for you:

Mario's Fireball Disassembly

Requested by Anas. It is what it says on the tin - a disassembly of mario's fireball.

And here's a routine replacement for object interaction to make layer 2 interaction flag-dependent, to fulfill the requester's specific need.

Cluster Rip Van Fish

Requested by  Donut. This is a Rip Van Fish, but it's a cluster sprite.
Note that the download only contains the cluster sprite itself. If I submit it, I'll probably add some generator to make it more viable to the public.

Metroid Podoboo

Requested by Adsila. This is a podoboo that will attach itself on top of the player when touched, similar to metroids.

Rotating Door

Requested by  imamelia. These are doors that rotate, similar to ones found in Yoshi's Island.

Thwimp Van Fish

Requested by  bebn legg. This is a rip van fish that jumps around like a thwimp, but chases like normal.

I'll submit all of the sprites to the section... eventually...
I like the rotating numbered door and cluster rip van fish. It's a bummer they don't have tile collision, i thought this was going to be the first cluster sprite to do so. Still, pretty crazy how much you can have at once with SA-1 as well lol

Benny Harvey RIP, miss you big man.