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A Semi-Normal Castle


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I would like to come here to present my first hack in development. At the moment, its development is a little slow due to some other things I'm doing around.

Here goes the screenshots:

Mario realized that has a castle in front of his house, in which a strange being lives in it, and he found that really weird. Now he has to discover what secrets this castle has to offer.

This single level of this hack will be quite long and will have several sections, and now I'm not sure how many sections this level will have exactly.
It will have somewhat challenging obstacles: Piranha Plants, Thwomps, and several other things.

Yes, these Mario / Sprite Only Solid Blocks will be heavily used in this hack.
I always try to make a level design that's interesting to the players, and I hope that with this single demo it will be a good thing. I'm writing kinda randomly because I don't really know what to write, but whatever.

Here, you'll have to face the most famous Skewers, and other mobile platforms that you have to be very careful with, apart from Firebars and other enemies that will slow you down.

At least the two sections of the hack are now complete, and I'll be posting more updates about the project soon.

Have a good day! #smrpg{y}

EDIT: Added a screenshot of the title screen and replaced the "habitat' word with the "house" word, in the second screenshot.
Looks interesting, though the name "An Semi-Normal Castle" doesn't work that well, it should be "A Semi-Normal Castle" instead. Also using the word "habitat" in the opening text sounds a bit strange, and makes it sound like Mario is in some sort of nature documentary. A better word to use would probably be land or even just house, I'm not sure what habitat tries to imply.

I don't have much to say about the actual level itself, as I cannot play it yet, so I hope that there are multiple checkpoints in the level. You probably have already put multiple checkpoints, but I could imagine the frustration of playing a long level with only one checkpoint.

If you release a demo, I'll probably play it since its so short and it looks decently fun.

Keep your spirits high, and your noodle sweaty!
Okay, I can do those finishing touches you mentioned.

The reason for the word "habitat" is because there is a Hub that I didn't take a screenshot to show here. And you'll find out why the name of the hack is from now on, because I bet it's not that common.

And the issue of multiple checkpoints is already on my mind, but at the moment I took the screenshots, the checkpoints are not working yet.

Thank you for your opinion! #smrpg{y}
I'm looking to do the next section of the hack where you have to blow up blocks with bombs to progress, and also have reset doors if the player does something wrong.

The bomb I'm wanting to use is this sprite, but it doesn't explode blocks natively.

And there is this patch to make it capable, but I didn't want to install it to not increase probabilities of incompatibilities between other patches.

So I decided to get a piece of code from the patch to see if it worked, but nothing happens to the blocks. Can someone help me?

You can see more information in this thread.

EDIT: This idea ended up not working out very well, so I'm going to use the patch anyway.
Good Hack!
Estimated release date?
Originally posted by Danik2343
Good Hack!
Estimated release date?

The release date is not sure yet, but I'm glad you like it! It may be that the progress of this hack is a little slow because I have a lot of things to do, still involving SMW Hacking.

But there will be more new things soon, and hopefully in a short time.
Good hack! Indeed. Pitty, that I'm not a pro in coding to help You :( but i'll be awaiting for the realease too.
This should be a pretty minimal thing but I want to show you more or less what the third section of the hack will look like. Here is a screenshot:

Yes, you will have to explode bomb blocks to advance in some parts. Thanks to simon.caio for telling me about a Pipe Spawner that  dtothefourth made outside of SMW Central.
New updates coming! I was recently racking my brains to continue ripping a tileset, because it contains a background that's making me tired, I don't know yet if I should ask for help or something. But I think for now I'm going to put this rip on hold, but that doesn't means it's cancelled.

Oh, yeah, screenshots:

Here, there will be some parts of the section where you have to take the Bob-Omb before it explodes, or it won't explode the bomb blocks to proceed. But don't worry, the Reset Doors™ will make it easy for you! Oh, and the bomb blocks graphics have been slightly modified.

FYI, I recently figured out how to use a Lunar Magic feature that allows you to configure a Midway Point on another level, other than the main level. But I noticed that it doesn't work for multiple levels, that is, the midway points aren't working. But I read the ReadMe file from the Multiple Midway Points patch, and I kind of get it, but I'll be doing that later in the project.

Sorry for taking so long to make more progress on the hack, but here I am with an update.

I slightly updated the Reset Doors™ to be indicated with an "R" on them, and the blue springboards indicate that you cannot take them. And, I expanded the level design a bit.
Here I am again, but this time with a GREAT update! Finally, the third section is finished.
You can check the screenshots below:

Here I present a new obstacle for the player here... the Burners!

They will try to slow you down to get through certain areas in the sections, so be careful not to get burned! And, I revamped the design of the previous sections and fixed some colors on Mario's face.
Soon, I'll show you the most interesting part of the hack.

I hope you like the news! #smrpg{y}
great update !
Ok, as promised I bring here the most interesting part of the hack, and the true meaning of its title.
This is... an underground temple!

Firstly, I wanted to say that since the beginning of the production of this hack, I wanted to be inspired by Mario Forever: Roman Worlds, where in one level of the last world the player falls into an "underground castle" after beating Bowser, and has several cave aspects together. You can check this video for a reference.

And about the Background, I mixed several other graphics like Super Mario Bros. 3 (SNES), and other existing graphics to make it, and was also inspired by the pillars of some castle levels from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.
And thanks to  MarioFanGamer, I was able to add a more realistic effect of ash particles rising.

More news coming soon! #tb{'U'}
looks like a lot of fun #smw{:D}
intends to launch a demo in the next SMWC3? if the hack has many exits
(and again I'm sorry if my English isn't good enough, but I hope you understand)

Looking pretty cool! Just excited for it.
Originally posted by lo fang 123
looks like a lot of fun #smw{:D}
intends to launch a demo in the next SMWC3? if the hack has many exits
(and again I'm sorry if my English isn't good enough, but I hope you understand)

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it! This hack will only have one exit, that is, when I finish it, the hack will already be complete.

When I finish it, if possible, I can make it available as Full Release and on C3 too.

Originally posted by Green
Looking pretty cool! Just excited for it.

Thank you very much! #smrpg{y}
Hi there! I hope you had a great end of the year and had a lot of fun!

Now, I bring you the first news of the hack in 2024. The fourth section of the level is already finished, and you can check out a little of the section with the screenshots below:

I hope you enjoyed these news of today, there will be more surprises soon! #w{:>}
Alright, it's time to show you the next section now.
In it, the main obstacle will be... the Volcanic Thwomp!

It will always be chasing the player and trying to crush him at all costs, and also serving as the guardian of temple.
You can check more stuff below:

This is going to be very challenging for me lol. and from what I saw in the captures it is becoming very interesting for me. Keep it up and it will be great #smw{:TUP:}

Originally posted by lo fang 123
This is going to be very challenging for me lol. and from what I saw in the captures it is becoming very interesting for me. Keep it up and it will be great #smw{:TUP:}

Glad you're enjoying the hack! #smrpg{y}

I always strive to try to do something interesting in the levels, and also some other design changes like sprites.
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