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Super Mario Starline by BearmanCentral

File Name: Super Mario Starline
Submitted: by BearmanCentral
Authors: BearmanCentral
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A very basic ROM Hack of Super Mario World with unique levels, and music in the future
This is okay for a few levels, but a number of others have glaring issues.

Many of the levels within this demo have cutoff issues and mismatched sprites due to far too many being put on screen at once.

The level Suenos Nubalados has a misplaced tile, causing the rope conveyor to be broken. This results in an incomplete-able level.

Finally, Shiver Bubble Bay's secondary portion is the same section of level copy and pasted multiple times, with a hidden pipe entrance as the way forward. I cannot understand this design decision.

The levels are all quite short, and do not have much content aside from the first few levels. The first level is the bar of quality that you should likely keep in mind for other levels you create.

Please spend more time and be more thoughtful with your submissions, make sure they are within the expectations for submissions to the site.