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Super Mario World As Ilhas by RafaGamerFire

File Name: Super Mario World As Ilhas
Submitted: by RafaGamerFire
Authors: RafaGamerFire
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
So, this seems kinda broken and unfinished. I couldn't get past Iggy's Castle, and if there was some sort of secret exit that makes this hack work, it was really well hidden.

I would recommend that you fix the following issues and find someone to playtest before resubmitting.

* General
** You screenshots don't really show off your hack. Please use your emulator's built in screen shot function instead of manually cropping. It's a lot easier and looks a lot better.
* Casa Abandonada
** If you enter this level without a cape, you're softlocked. There's no way to die. Also, there's no capes in this hack that I can find.
* Ilha Do Nitro
** Could be cutoff or stylistic here. It's a bit odd looking.
** Cut off here.
** You can go over this goal tape. Might not be ideal.
* Ilha Do Ceu
** More cutoff at the bottom of the screen.
** Map event is really corrupt looking.
** No level at the dot location.
** Yoshi corruption. Being able to enter the level with a big Yoshi while there's a small one spawned isn't ideal.
** Level seems unbeatable. Even with a cheated cape.
** Candles are missing in this level, for some reason.