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Maggie Calos-The Bowser and Bandlard war by Deminiez_Vladimir, karls_Corinthia

File Name: Maggie Calos-The Bowser and Bandlard war
Submitted: by karls_Corinthia
Authors: Deminiez_Vladimir, karls_Corinthia
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: During the war, the capital of Bandlard is about to fall. Calos' good friend Ted tells him the truth, so the soldier, who has been retired for several years, decides to return to the capital and join the war. What will be his fate?

Version Fix data

2023-6-18 8:21:Fixed sprite error and Level length error for switch palace zone.Fixed a vertical screen pull error in the penultimate level.Fixed a background overlap bug in the second level.[The time is subject to Beijing time.]
Tags: easy, hdma, less exgfx, non-sa1, old, player, story, story line, traditional, war
This isn't a bad start, but there's a lot of issues that popped up. Weirdest one being that the start button is disabled entirely. Was this on purpose? Sometimes, I just wanna pause, even if I'm not start-selecting out of a level.

Another odd thing, your exit count seems off. I ended with 9 exits on the title screen.

Also, not sure about the difficulty being Standard: Easy. May want to reconsider that.

Level notes:

* Calos' house Why don't you check it out?
** Bushes get corrupted during fade out.
** Overworld transition is kinda painful to watch. Happens every level. Some worse than others on this submap.
* Archipelago Of Misrat[​S] A most ordinary place.
** Default Message Box Expansion message.
** Bouncy fish sprite is corrupt.
** Got all the dragon coins in this level and then died. Tracker didn't state I'd collected them and they wouldn't respawn.
* Archipelago Of Misrat[E] A coastal battery
** Level is red but doesn't seem to have two exits? Checked in LM and couldn't see another one.
* Archipelago Of Misrat[E] Morvini, MT. [Relatively dry]
** Midway in this level doesn't work.
** I think this level only has four Dragon Coins. I'd check the other levels too.
* Yellow Switch Zone-Mushroom A good chance to get a item
** I'm not sure what to make of this message. Possibly something lost in translation?
** Pipe exit is a block too high.
** Hitting the switch block causes a corrupt default Message Box Expansion message to spawn.
* Kravira Coast A calm morning has arrived
** Music in this level's a bit louder than the other levels.
** HDMA gradient flash. There's a way to fix this by changing the modes on the gradient ASM or something. I'm pretty sure, at least.
* Kravira Coast weather is good in the am
** Level title seems corrupt? Not sure what the block next to AM is.
** Lots of slowdown in this level.
* Clavira Coast ready to go to the beach?
** Some cutoff here. Pretty sure it's just stylistic, but it could be a truncated tree.