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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dialga's Fight to the Finish!


We need more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Music.

Dialga's Fight to the Finish is probably one of the best tracks ever made. You go to a hidden land, fight through all of it, lose a partner while you're trying to save the timeflow of the world. Climb the huge threatening tower to fight the god of time himself. While the time got out of control so did he... You and your partner need to fight him and put the time gears you've collected on your journey back in their place. But the out of control Dialga thinks you try to destroy the Time Tower and attacks you.
Then this music starts.

OST: Here
2 Midi files: Filebin didn't work so it's in my files ^^"

No Samples. Original SMW samples would be amazing.

Good day and thx in advance! <3
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