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Capirotada Land 2: Meta Knight's Intervention v. 1.2 by Mane Bros.

File Name: Capirotada Land 2: Meta Knight's Intervention v. 1.2
Submitted: by Mane Bros.
Obsoletes: Capirotada Land 2: Meta Knight's Intervention v. 1.1
Authors: Mane Bros.
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: The second shell kaizo with Kirby, and first one to have a free overworld.

Some levels will have midair shell jumps with patched shells but one. Hope to get more shell players into midairs and enjoy them as I do.

Here are the Kirby graphics, credits to Kusamochi for creating it:
Tags: midairs, shells
In the level Vanilla Caramelo, you can get a blue shell (which is actually recolored) and have Yoshi wings to fly and skip all the obstacles in the rest of the level.

Side note (not part of the reject reasons), the aesthetics in the level Slippry Tako Shadow make it super hard to distinguish the elements (blocks, sprites) due to the palettes used there and the snow tiles. I suggest to review the aesthetics choices in this level make it more easy to see and identify elements.

Another side note regarding the overworld, in the submap where is Slippry Tako Shadow level you can hear the thunder sfx with wrong samples. You can disable the thunder in the global animations settings in the overworld editor, the coin button .

Once you fix the above mentioned, the hack can be accepted.