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🌸 Pretty Princess Peach in Pink 🌸

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the SMW Central Creativity Convention for Summer 2023! My name is Princess Peach, but my friends just call me Peach, and since we are all friends here, you can call me Peach, too!

I'm your host for this summer's Creativity Convention, and I can't wait to see what you all have to showoff this weekend!

So what's the "theme", you ask? Well, if you can't tell... It's all about ME! Your friend, Peach! I'll be here celebrating C3 with you, and you get to browse the amazing C3 submissions whilst using the beautiful pink scheme we created for you (courtesy of my friend, AmperSam). And that's it - nice and simple. Go about your C3 business while embracing the Pinkness of Peach! 🌸🌸

While C3 is nice and simple, apart from the pretty pink everywhere, we may have some special trophies available during the voting period from some new voting categories, awarded to only the "peach-iest" of threads. What are they? Ohhh~ You'll have to wait and see!


I have one more teensy little thing to say... There are various tags you can tag your thread with in this year's C3 forum. Make sure you tag your threads with the appropriate tags to ensure you are eligible for the correct voting categories. It also makes it easier for people to find certain types of threads!

Here is a list of all the tags, and what they mean!

Super Mario World - For all your threads relating to our favourite game, Super Mario World.
Non-Super Mario World - Every kind of other ROM-hacking or adjacent thing (including Yoshi's Island, SMBX, etc), game release (such as an indie game you've worked on), non-SMW resource releases. Not threads for art, drawings, etc. That's covered further down.

Standard - "Standard" difficulty SMW and Non-SMW hacks and games
Kaizo/Pit - "Kaizo/Pit" difficulty SMW and Non-SMW hacks and games

Graphics - For Graphics intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
Music - For Music intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
Samples - For Musical Samples intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
Soundtrack - For Soundtracks intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
Patch - For ASM Patches intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
UberASM - For UberASM intended for use in SMW
Sprites - For Custom Sprites intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
Blocks - For Custom Blocks intended for use in SMW and ROM hacks
Tool - For Tools intended for use with SMW and ROM hacks

Work in Progress - A Work in Progress project, such as a WIP SMW hack, or a game in development
Demo - A Demo release of a Work in Progress project, should be dual-tagged with Work in Progress
Full Release - A Full Release of a hack or game
Resource Release - A Resource Release that fits the criteria of at least one of the above resource type tags (ie, Graphics through to Tool)

Screenshots - If your thread contains screenshots of your resource, hack, or game, then tag it with this tag
Videos - If your thread contains a video showing off your work, then tag it with this tag. A Trailer for a release is different to a Video; see below tag.
Trailer - if you have curated a special trailer to showoff your hack or game, then use this tag instead of Video

Art - Art covers everything from your drawings, to your custom made songs that aren't intended for use in ROM hacking projects. If you have created a banging Drum and Bass tune you want to showoff, this is the correct tag.
Requests - If you intend to spend your C3 making things for others, then use this tag.
Miscellaneous - Only for the most unusual threads. Only use this tag if you really don't fit into any of the other categories above.


Aaaand that's all!~

All I have to say now is have a fantastic C3! I hope to see you all very soon! 🌸

Yours truly--
Fuck off peach
Yo, now THIS is a pretty theme! Very nice-to-read and very relaxing and very... pink!

Too bad there doesn't seem to be a game going on this C3 (but I guess that just means replies on threads will be more content-oriented this time around, since there's no incentive to comment fluff).

Also I managed to make the very first submission thread this C3 - take that, everyone else!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Fanatical like a Demon
I love this scheme! The only thing left to complete this would be Jack Black’s Peaches song playing on loop lol.
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
SMAS Soundtrack Status: 100% finished
YI Soundtrack Status: 100%
YI Unsampled Soundtrack Status: 100%
NSMB Soundtrack Status: 7.89%
Killer Instinct Soundtrack Status: 14.63%
SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
Originally posted by Lightning
Fuck off peach

Benny Harvey RIP, miss you big man.

Originally posted by Burning Loaf
Originally posted by Lightning
Fuck off peach

A Koopaling.
(Also, how did I start a whole comment war on this thread?)
I mean the theme is cool and all, but my eyes are being blasted right now.
Well, I found the scheme quite unexpected and beautiful!

It's a pity that there isn't a gimmick for this C3, but at least I can show my creations more calmly.
This theme looks really good. At least it's not eye-soaring. Look forward to create my own threads. I do have 2 only, but hope those will do.
Well, this C3 is going to be very peachy!

...If only I actually had something to show off for C3.... #smrpg{ohno}
Just so you know, I'm very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now.
I'm your evil pink gold clone and i hate you Peach


is it me or is the font from barbie
oh ym god this is the best site layout ever
Peach! Did not expect to see you! #smw{O_O!}
I am really excited for this C3! This theme looks amazing!
Your welcome Princess peach
Omg, hi Peach!! This site scheme is adorably good and adorably pink, I love it. #smrpg{<3}

I'm curious to find out what the special trophies and new voting categories are gonna be, but that'll have to wait for now, of course. I've got a bunch of threads to look at and compliment and appreciate until then!
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
@E-man38: Indeed, I do agree with you. I just wished we knew about special trophies. At least a hint would be useful.
Why did I think C3 was tomorrow and not today (also not a huge fan of white schemes personally)

Anyway, hi Peach! Long time no see!
Windowless ride, feeling alive
Are you alive or just breathing?
Damn, I wish I had something to showoff for this C3. #thp{>_<3}

Ah well. Also, hi Peach! Nice to see you hosting this C3! I look forward to your game in 2024! #smrpg{<3}

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