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Unperishable (💀) - July 2023 Prototype (DOWNLOAD)

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressDemoTrailer

The Airakaz team is proud to announce a new prototype of Unperishable!

What is Unperishable?
It is a local multiplayer platforming party game.

Your goal is to eliminate every other players without getting yourself eliminated.
You must collect items from items boxes around the map, use them to attack other players and be the last one standing to win the match.
You also have the option to choose between 2 characters: Alex and Gab, each with their own stats.

Watch the trailer here:



Right now, the game has 2 different maps and 2 different characters you can play.
We recommend checking it out and giving your opinion.
Please report any bug you encounter.

UNPERISHABLE - July 2023 Prototype (Download)
SMW: Endless Night (currently on pause)
Deviant Art account

These graphics are amazing!

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
@Ralshi02: Hey. Quite curios this is no SMW at all, but still, the work of yours is very interesting. The abilities are very good and you brought the slot element from SMK. Nice job.
I didn't expect to see a multiplayer game here, I've always loved platformer party games like Mario vs Luigi on NSMB DS, and this is no exception, because of how fun and wacky it looks on the trailer.

Keep up like that and spectacular job on the current demo.
Want to listen to the current uncompressed OST?
It's right here!
on this youtube playlist

And yes, this is basically the super star theme of this game

(had to make a mario reference somehow looking at the website)
UNPERISHABLE - July 2023 Prototype (Download)
SMW: Endless Night (currently on pause)
Deviant Art account

Wait, this actually looks pretty dope! I do remember this from last C3, and while I was slightly interested in it there, it is only now that I understand its multiplayer gameplay that I'm really into it! I can't quite explain why, but this has the vibes of some early Windows 95/98 PC game. I guess it's mostly the graphical style, but maybe also the kind of gameplay. Anyways, that was a pretty happy time of my life. I used to play a lot of games like that with my best friend back then. I vividly remember stuff like Little Fighters 2, Lemming Ball Z, Worms, or Blobby Volley.

Yeah, I definitely want to give this a try!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressDemoTrailer