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Super Luigi World by Dark Prince, The Cursed Goomba

File Name: Super Luigi World
Submitted: by Dark Prince
Authors: Dark Prince, The Cursed Goomba
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Super Luigi World is a hack that adds a twist to vanilla Super Mario World. It has levels that need to be completed in under 100 seconds. Not only are all the original Super Mario World levels here, but 20 custom levels have also been made to fit the 100 second theme. There is also a new story that has been added. Can you beat these levels in under 100 seconds?
Tags: asm, exgfx, traditional
This hack is quite nice aesthetically, with a number of good choices made regarding the graphical implementation. However there are only a small number of unique levels among a large - much too large - number of levels straight from the base game.

I understand that the goal of this hack is to be challenge-based using a large amount of the vanilla levels, but adding a 100 second timer to every level does not make a substantial enough change to the actual process of playing the levels themselves.

On top of that, the overworld is not substantially changed, though again, aesthetic choices made are nice, it doesn't make enough of a difference to be viable for a submission to the site.

The Submission guidelines states that every submission should be an attempt to make something new. A time limit challenge hack sadly does not fit this idea, unless the levels within it were all entirely original. You make good aesthetic decisions but it'd be best used on original level layouts rather than changing the style of every vanilla level.