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Solstice - Return to the Kastlerock [progress update]

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots

Its already another c3??? Time flies fast. Anyway, last C3 posted my Solstice hack and disassembly and this is follow up on that.

So anyway after that I took month break, worked on it again, and then I.. uh.. got distracted.. and before I realized four months went by lol.

But between those breaks I did have some major progress, last time there was 067 rooms (out of 252)100% done and now theres ~63 more new rooms! Plus I redesigned some rooms as the overall layout has changed and its less linear now. So theres now 130-ish rooms in total, so over half-way done!

I wanted to put out extended demo but the current area Im working on is little too unfinished, and considering how little-to-none comments/downloads last demo got I didn't feel like to put in the effort to finish it in the time to be honest.

I had creators block (hence the breaks) but I am finally making some progress so Im officially continuing working on this again, unless I fall into the procrastin' hole again lol.

But thats enough ranting, hopefully by the next c3 Im nearly done with this, and have proper demo out, we'll see.

Thats all for now! Thanks for reading.
There are some really good progress on this hack. I'm familiar with Solstice 2, but this also looks nice.
I missed last C3, so I'll say here that its really cool to see a disassembly and ROM hack for a (somewhat) obscure game like this! I don't think I ever got that far in the original, but I always found these old isometric adventure games pretty neat.

Again, I endorse hacks based on something more obscure or niche, it takes real dedication. The screenshots look neat. I wish you luck in finishing this thing!

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots