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Summer 2023 C3 Spotlight Nominations

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Go Ahead and Wine About It—this Kaizō hack by  Devazure has a lot of wine references and a world filled with wine! Raise a toast. 🍷🍷🍷
I'm officially now on BlueSky! Follow me at for updates! 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
Help us raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. #ДопомагаємоРазом / #HelpTogether
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
I do nominate Batata Douce and OrangeBronzeDaisy's thread. Besides being really forgotten, while it now is possible to play as Luigi, it also has other content that others should take attention to.
I would also like to nominate 2 more threads!!!!!!!!
Speedrun My Level Request by: Alex
This thread is interesting! Since, speedrun request are pretty rare! Plus, I really love how Alex speedrun through the levels!

Kefka by: Hooded Edge
Hooded Edge once again makes another amazing, rocking 10/10 music remix!!!!! Even though, we only got 1 song from him. This C3. I still think this was an amazing remix!!!!!!!!
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