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[SMBX2 B4] Super Mario Zeal C3 Summer 2023 Demo (1.7.0 "Dead Beat")

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

..and like clockwork I once again have a thread for this project at C3. I'll admit that the last six months since the previous C3 have not been the most productive for me, and a lot of that is because of me putting more of my efforts on Myriad Worlds, which is my Zeldaclassic Quest and part of that was because I briefly could not work on that because ZC didn't work on my computer for about a month or two so I also brief resumed work on The Edge of Time, a even older Doom project I was working on prior to starting work on Super Mario Zeal. I will have a thread for Myriad Worlds here and maybe a thread for The Edge of Time.

I also didn't have much time to update the credits in the intro and I can't help but to wonder if there isn't a better way of going about it.

Anyways on with the show, people!

King Bowser has teamed up with King Wart and King K. Rool in a new alliance known simply as "The Rotten Regents". Together these Kingly Konquerers have stolen and scattered the power stars for their own (as of yet unknown) diabolical ends. It it now up to Mario and his friends to recollect the scattered Powers Stars, discover what the Rotten Regents are up to; and put an end to their sinister scheme

Sorry but I don't have any new videos this C3. Maybe later?

-v1.7.0 "Dead Beat"-
[*]updated jukebox.lua
[*]updated the barrel plane sprites in all towns with a newer and more refined version made by ElectroSpriteMaker
[*]world 4's town, Relic Town is mostly finished, still needs a custom minigame in it.
[*]Emral's Coyotetime API and MDA's ExtraBGOProperties API has been implemented
[*]two new levels in world six have been added, 6-2: Sunset Shindig and 6-Fort: Wario's Castle
[*]in case I failed to mention it, Wario is now playable, although I should warn you that
not all levels can be cleared as Wario

-v1.6.7 "Stream+"-
[*]fixed a bug with the black Klobbers is in 5-A: Ghost Rope Gauntlet (Thank you MegaDood for providing the updated effects code needed to fix that)
[*]reduced the rotodisc's hitbox down to an 8x8 in SMBX pixels (16x16 in real pixels)
[*]finish reworking and remaking 2-5: Explosive Elevation
[*]fixed a handful of unfair setups in a few levels
[*]updated Spencer Everly's extrasounds api as needed

And as always, click here for the latest demo

..and once again for the convenience of the expo goers, a brief guide on how to install Super Mario Zeal in SMBX since some people have had trouble with it in the past.
1. Download and Install SMBX2 from here:
2. Download Super Mario Zeal and directly unzip it in the worlds directory in SMBX2 root directory. It should ideally look like this:

3. Launch SMBX2, what you're looking for is the red mushroom icon in the folder right here:

4. Open the Episode selector, select Super Mario Zeal and you're good to go!

and as always I hope this C3 will be a good one.

I'm from the SMBX Community, and to those checking this out on SMWCentral, I'd recomend this!
For not being made via hacking SMW or using SMM/SMM2, Super Mario Zeal captures the feel of the game really well, while still providing fresh takes on the level design, GFX, music, and more. Plus, Wario! That alone is a reason to play this lol
Good job FireSeraphim, and please play this random reader!
@AppleTheTomato: Thank you for visiting this thread. It's kinda funny that both this and it's sister project Myriad Worlds is suffering under a speed bump right now, especially since development on both has been painfully slow.

Like always, this project continues being one of the most promising ones for the SMBX series.

♪ Something in the way... ♪
@ElectroWellyGames: Thank you and thank you all for visiting this thread.

WOW nice update once again, I checked it out and I loved the wario's castle level, it felt really accurate to the source material.
Looking forward to seeing this project take off
I've seen your progress out and about on the discord, I think this looks really neat, from what I've seen and can see! I'll be sure to give it a try~
As a big connoisseur of the SMW-style - this is the SMBX project that interests me the most, and the update with Wario looks promising as well, keep up a good work!
This episode is in development for a long time, but every time the update of this episode can amaze me, especially the appearance of playable Wario and Wario Land styled levels this time! Please keep up doing good job, I hope one day I can finally play the complete version of this episode!
Thank you guys, I'll keep trudging along on Super Mario Zeal for as long as I can.

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots