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Force Bot NES

Non-Super Mario World

Oh I forgot to mention, I am also working on Force Bot 2. I have around 100 levels so far, if you are interested in making a level there is an online level editor.

Click on new game then name your new game then go to level designer and make something. If you make something cool post a screen shot here and I will probably put it in the game.

Here is a list of all of the assets and what they do.

You can also say hi to me on Twitter.
Puzzle contest!!!

Calling all puzzle makers and level designers and anyone wanting to take part!!!

If you make a cool puzzle with this level editor in the link, I will send you a free copy of Force Bot NES (the rom file).

So if you want a free copy of the original game then make something and post it here!

But if your level sucks, then no free copy for you. (No soup for you!)

Here are some of the levels that are actually in the game already.

So if you want a free NES homebrew game, just make something cool with the editor and post it here in this thread.
It looks fun, my creative juices are not flowing right now for a level desgin though

Non-Super Mario World