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Just What Do I Need - A Super Mario Advance 2 (SMW GBA) Hack

Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitFull Release

Welcome! Just What Do I Need is a 6 exit hack of Super Mario Advance 2 (the GBA version of SMW) created using Smallhacker's SMA2 transplant tool. Featuring a nonsensical blend of Standard, Kaizo, and Puzzle, this hack heavily abuses the many strange and unusual additions that were added to the GBA version of this game. These include the ability to push Yoshi around without riding him, a revamped system for Special World color Yoshi spawning, and of course, everyone's favorite plumber with a hilariously floaty jump, Luigi.

The download includes a Player's Guide, which you will absolutely need to read before playing. This guide will go over the changes from SMW to SMA2 in great detail. Even with the help of the guide, you'll encounter cryptic puzzles and some borderline Kaizo setups, so play at your own risk.

If you get stuck, or if you'd rather just watch the hack instead of playing it, you can find a clear video here (major puzzle spoilers warning).


Ironically enough, I'd never thought I'd see someone hacking the GBA version of SMW on SMW Central, but here we are! It's also clever that you built it around the differences in SMA2 - I know there's a lot, but I get the feeling I don't know them all. Nice job!
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Having never played SMA2, I know a lot of people who had their first experience with SMW on Game Boy Advance. This is a really big technical undertaking in addition to being a really awesome shout to those who love SMA2. Thank you for this!
I'm not a doctor.

Whoa this looks so cool! Definitely checking this out :)

EDIT: Really cool hack :) Definitely very tricky in some spots, but a really cool exploration! I also want that Yoshi mechanic in SNES SMW now lol
I've got a soft spot for the SMA2 version of SMW, so it's really cool to see someone play around with its unique physics/mechanics! The special Yoshi spawning is an especially fun idea and something I'd like to see brought to regular SMW hacks.
That was really fun! A couple levels kicked my butt. Thanks for making.
You've done it again. This might actually get me to check out GBA SMW, which I have never experienced first-hand, but the gameplay differences have always intrigued me as I'm sure there's some neat uses for them from a hacking POV.
gbreeze conquering other territories of mario hacking. I must admit I played gba smw once, but now opening the door of having romhacks, makes this version more bearable. can't wait to see what you will bring up in the future. great job!
LOL, the reworked intro sequence legit sent me flying! #w{xD} (pun unintended)

I genuinely want to give this a try, but I'm not sure if I should, since I don't usually get enjoyment out of Kaizo-ish design. SMAS2 is such an underrated version of SMW and I wish it got more love. In a lot of ways, I prefer it over OG SMW.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Part of me would love to imagine Demo World 1 and 2 ported on GBA just for the novelty factor.

This is legit impressive.
Now this is really interesting. I have never really checked SMA2 to know much about it or the differences it has to SMW, but seeing someone make a hack on that game is pretty neat!

And not only any hack, this is a really clever take on it! I love the way this hack is focused on absuing the differences between SMA2 and SMW (even if i don't know all these differences myself). I can't say i understood all the mechanics at play here, but it was still really cool to watch!
gradual Yoshi unlocking turning the entire hack into a big puzzle is super creative
, and
the fact you have to replay every level in a completely new way after unlocking each Yoshi/power-up is genius!

This was pretty much a
made with a vanilla version of Super Mario World! Great job!
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Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitFull Release