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this can be closed...

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Whats the open source for?
Open source is for people to use a hack,GFX,levels or whatever to base their own hack on. If something is open source, then you can use it in your own hack.
like SMW Redrawn:)
Your layout has been removed.
He's talking about the legendary Open Source section of the site.

Oh, and by the way, Diamondphoenix:
Do not try to find the truth about Open Source. It's one of the things on the site not meant for the eyes of the uninvited.

...actually, I don't know why Open Source is still shown on the main page for normal users...
Hahaha,it used to be on the side bar too.
Oh, I know. It's because I didn't care to remove it.
Okay. then it can be closed...
Link Thread Closed