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SMAS SMB1 Bowser and Bowser Jr.


Just Curious Would anyone be able to code a SMAS SMB1 Bowser for me? and a Bowser Jr. Sprite? I been wanting an smb1 bowser sprite to use in one of my hacks but just can't find a good one. any help would be appreciated
Hello Raychu2021, I noticed you didn't put the resource type tag in your post. I manually added what I think is the correct one, in this case ASM. If it's wrong feel free to change it yourself.
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2b. You can only request one resource per request thread.
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Asking for two sprites in one request is a bit too much. Next time, just ask for one and be a bit more specific about what you want. Just saying SMAS Bowser won't help. You need to tell the requester what you want about the sprite. Customization options. Behavior. Graphics and so on. As mentioned by the ASM Requests rules, be descriptive.