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Overworld Design Contest 2023 - Results

It's been 84 years but it's time for the results of our Vanilla flavour OWDC! First, I'd like to thank our three judges: margot, Major Flare, and Deeke for their due diligence and roaming eyes in judging your overworlds!

Now for the results!

In third place:
Zavok & Dispace, scoring 91/100
Rounding out second:
edgar scoring 92/100
And taking home 1st place is
Segment1Zone2 scoring 92.33/100

Congratulations to our winners! For a full breakdown of scores and the judges' notes, check out the links below:

Spreadsheet of Results | Deeke's Notes | Major Flare's Notes | Margot's Notes

To everyone who participated, you'll receive this trophy:

And our judges will each get this trophy:

And that's it! See you all at the next one, goodnight!
Well, I have quite a 3rd place in the end I went hard forward! #smw{:TUP:}

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
I think i stopped enjoying making my entry after the first submap, it's not really my thing.

Benny Harvey RIP, miss you big man.

Well, there is this and there is that. I'm actually surprised on how large the discrepancy of my entry is, being only followed by Hayashi Neru's entry by one point. In hindsight, my ambitious effects did turn out to not be too well thought out. #w{xD}

It should be noted I constrained myself to use vanilla GFX only i.e. use the original graphics with no modifications whatsoever, so I was limited in decorations (it also limited me in the colours, hence why I only had green, brown and yellow for the main map). In addition, I had further plans like adding colour animations (both to the level tiles of the underwater and volcano worlds but also to add a lava glow for the latter two) but it turns out, they don't like path transitions i.e. they only (de)activate on warp tiles, not warp paths.

margot: You probably may have figured this out already but the green switch is part of the forest world, itself accessed by the secret exit of world 2 castle (it also fixes the backtracking issue you mentioned, star warps aside).

For that matter, with my own (fan) judging, my favourites are (in this order): Sixcorby, edgar and MM102 but in general, there were quite a few ambitious overworlds.
As I expected, it was really the last one.:)
But at least I did.
Congrats to the winners, and thanks to the judges for their efforts!

Top 2/3 isn't bad for a half-finished entry I'd planned to flesh out but didn't have the time to. Glad you liked it! And even more glad the Fleet Foxes references didn't go unnoticed. #tb{'U'}

Honestly, when the average of all this contest's entries is 79/100, you know it's a good one. #tb{;)}

Considering this was my first OWDC, the results were nothing like I imagined (I predicted burning loaf or MM102 for first place), but that just makes it more fun!

Also nice that I got 14th, with my new highest average of any contest (77/100), primitive building works for me!

GG to all the participants, and well done to all the top 3 participants! :D
Congrats to all who participated, even though this contest's vanilla rules may have come as a shock!

I actually think we should have separate Chocolate OWDCs and Vanilla OWDCS from each other in the future, because I've seen awesome things come from both types of OWs.
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Oh wow! Was not expecting to place Top 5, let alone 1st place!!!

Thank you all for playing and enjoying my entry, I had a ton of fun making it, even with the deadline crunch! #smrpg{<3}

Dev... I'm coming for you... >=)
I got a better score than I thought I would, especially for the first time participating in one of these.
There were a lot of good entries in this contest
my entry was weak
i'm done with the post I thought  Burning Loaf was gonna get first place, but I was totally wrong on that. Though their entry was one of my favorites.

My sincere congratulations to  Segment1Zone2, his crossroad gimmick was revolutionary. It's a well deserved first place honestly.
Kirbo was here

WIP Hack:
Originally posted by Fostelif
I actually think we should have separate Chocolate OWDCs and Vanilla OWDCS from each other in the future, because I've seen awesome things come from both types of OWs.

If the standard and kaizo dual OLDC (with seperate judge sets for the two) work out in november, then who's to say that idea work out either?