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Super Hanokah World by hanokah

File Name: Super Hanokah World
Submitted: by hanokah
Authors: hanokah
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal, Standard: Hard
Description: Super Hanokah World is an 18-Level romhack divided into 5 Worlds.

It's the same old, 'Mario must rescue Peach from Bowser' storyline. What else can I really say?

(Difficulty increases after World 2, and then again after World 4.)
Tags: short, vanilla
Submission Guidelines

4. Select a difficulty
You may select one designation from a maximum of two categories. You may not select two difficulty levels from the same category.

This rule is made in case you want to mix kaizo and standard. You may only have 1 standard difficulty when submitting. Not a big deal since we can choose the appropriate difficulty, but I thought I would let you know anyways.

First of all the first few levels are so easy compared to the rest of the game they feel out of place. Who is your target audience for this game? A more advanced player will find the levels very boring in the beginning since you mostly just jump over grounded enemies with little threat. A player who likes the first levels will most likely struggle with the sudden increase in difficulty.
Just a thought I wanted to share with you.

I found myself accidently jumping or falling into pits a lot because I had no idea where to go. Many times I would just have to guess where to jump and hope for the best. This isn't an issue if it happens every now and then, but it happened enough in this hack to bring it up.

Power-up scarcity is very real in this hack. In a lot of the harder sections you give no power ups anywhere in the level. Examples would be the first fortress and the bridge level. In the final castle you give no power ups the whole level, but you give 2 power up right before bowser, probably one of the easiest things in the game.

Ways to gain lives are very limited. Not much 1-ups, coins, or ways to combo enemies. This hack is pretty tough so people are going to be dying.

Welcome to the Dark Lands - You can just walk past this level without beating it.

Attack of the flying koopas- you can just fly over the whole level if you want.

Roblox Tower - There is a section you can't pass without damage boosting. You spin across the thwomps but you cannot walljump without spinning.

For what its worth I did enjoy playing this hack and I think it has some potential, but I think it needs some work.