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Mario must... not die! by pinguwahoo

File Name: Mario must... not die!
Submitted: by pinguwahoo
Authors: pinguwahoo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal, Standard: Hard, Standard: Very Hard
Description: In this hack Mario cannot die... ever. seriously, he can swim in lava, bounce of munchers, etc..
every time he WOULD die, he simply bounces upwards.
an evil villain named Nortevel has taken over the mushroom kingdom so the people send absolutely invincible Mario to defeat him, however Nortivel has setup several traps especially designed into making absolutely invincible Mario so frustrated that he gives up. (also Nortivel's lava moat is only 3/4 complete. this is totally intentional)
Tags: chocolate sprinkles, gimmick, vanilla graphics
This hack doesn't quite fit with the various expectations for submissions to the site; It has a novel idea, but I think it would be better with parts of it's execution done differently.

Having the music constantly playing when you take damage is not enjoyable, and makes the experience of playing it not that fun. The levels themselves are also not enough for me to make it feel like it is a full submission of a hack.

A submission to the site should have enough content for a longer amount of time. Finally, the overworld is quite rough, paired with everything else, this is a reject.